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Need to up my protein - what's the best way to do it?


Slimming down the aisle
I'm trying to hit certain goals with the food that I eat beyond just the number of calories that I'm eating. I want under a certain amount of saturated fat, over a certain amount of fibre, protein etc. but I'm not really getting as much protein as I want.

I have quite a bit of chicken, it's generally the only meat I eat with the occasional turkey, fish and stuff. I go through phases with cottage cheese where I'll have it loads and then not for a while. I have eggs occasionally. I know cheeses are high protein but they're also high fat and high calorie!

What other things can I introduce into my diet that are high protein without being high calorie?
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How about quorn products? I just had 2 yummy peppered "steaks" at only 100kcals each - nom nom xx


Slimming down the aisle
Yup I use quorn products too and they're a great replacement for red meats which are higher calories but they're not particularly high in protein I've found.
You could try low fat cottage cheese, high protein but relatively low fat and cals. I don't like it but my husband eats it after going to gym.

Have heard quinoa is good source of protein. It's on my shopping list this month but have yet to try it.
I'd say eggs are your best bet? Fairly low fat an low cal, nice an filling, very versatile, I do love eggs :) if you had chicken at lunch and an omelette for tea perhaps? Do nuts have protein? I forget!! Maybe some chopped into your salads or added to cereal? High fat but mostly good fat!!

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Arn't beans high in protein? Excuse for a meaty, beany, eggy fry up!


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Yoghurt is quite high in protein too. And I also use whey protein shakes. Keeping protein high helps to keep me feeling full.

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