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Need to vent!!!


Slowly but surely!
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Hi Guys

Total random post but you know when you feel like to need to scream and this is the only place I feel able to lol

Been on my own since my ex of 8 years left me whilst pregnant with my 2nd child (for a 22 year old!), anyway that was enough to get me motivated to loose weight and I have been doing well but seem to have lost my mojo, problem with being 19 plus stone for many years of you life and then loosing weight means your body suffers and I feel about 80 under my clothes, hence being on my own for so long.
I keep setting up dates and pulling out and have done the same again this week arrrrgggghhh!!! I hate looking at my saggy bits enough without tormenting someone else lmao!

I will get back into the diet and I will reach target, just wish I could shake the lowness im feeling and be proud and positive with what I have achived so far!!

Sorry for the rant, feel slightly better now!!! :sigh::sigh:
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:asskick: boot up the backside for that attitude,,,,, dont keep breaking your dates as it isnt good for your self esteem and at end of day if any of these dates reach the stage of getting your kit off trust me they wont see what you see.
And as for that lowness kick it up the backside and into touch you can do it and im sure i saw your mojo under the sofa check it out you may find it there unless the kids have moved it

just wanted to add your lovely thats a fantastic ic in your avatar
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totaly agree with kazzy. yes it is hard and believe me we all have our wobbly bits :sigh: i have had 5 kids so you can imagine the state of me without clothes YUK lol. but honestly men that do notice are shallow and wouldnt be worth the time we gave them.
is it too late to get that date back on? you need to go for it. if he is shallow enough to point out your wobberly bits then thats his problem and will be your turn to say **** off but if he isnt then looks like you have got yourself a keeper :D


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buy yourself a good pair of sucking in pants and a gorgeous new dress and you will turn all your 'wobbly bits' into a fabulous little shape!!
and remember, men dont really like skinny women, the cover of Vogue might but real life men, like all the ones your depriving of your pretty little face and lovely company, just want real women! one of the first things my boyfriend said to me when i decided to really start dieting was 'dont loose to much weight will you, i like your curves!'


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I agree with the others on this, if a guy was to mention your so called wobbly bits then he isnt worth getting you nekkid in the 1st place! Also youve had 2 kiddies, this takes it toll regardless of weight, size etc. Ive only had the one and my boobies now are hopeless lol :D
Go for your dates, wear a lovely oufit that makes you feel like a smasher and most of all take no prisoners! From the look of your pic thingy you are a very pretty lady so just enjoy it and have fun. :)


Slowly but surely!
S: 17st5.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.95%)
Thanks everyone, I have decided to leave men of the agenda for a bit though, feel like ive not quite got over my past yet and I have to love myself again before I expect anyone else to lol Going to concentrate on getting to goal and looking after my babies :)


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always a good start loving youself and you know what they say a good man normally comes along when your not looking and least expect it,,,,,,,,,,,, enjoy life boost your confidence and remember your gorgeous

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