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need willpower, i gained again

i am on slippy slope, i get motivated and jump on wagon of weight loss and then the wagon breaks down and i hop off to the chocolate shop. i need willpower!!!! someone suggest something. i haveing trouble with lunches for work and eating winter fruits,
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Just doing it this time
I so know how you feel. I don't know what to suggest just wanted you to know you are not alone. I have STS for the last month !

After tuesdays weigh in I was so determined to lose this last 7lb's before Christmas Day - have everthing in the house that is SW friendly - and I have just over induldged in EVERYTHING yesterday and today - feel a bit fed up too.

Suppose it could be the cold cold weather. I did a chicken dinner tonight with loads of roasted carrots and a few potatoes and sweet potatoes - it's really filled me up.

I think that is where I have been going wrong that I haven't been 'filling up' at meal times and so that is my intention from now (was going to say tomorrow).

Good luck, let us know how you are doing.

Gilly x
You are most definately not alone here chick! I've been totally off plan for 2 weeks and just can't get my head back into the game, when you find the willpower shop grab me some while you're at it lol!
I think the weather plays a big part in it, who wants a salad when it's freezing? And who wants to cook when you can just curl up in front of the fire with whatever you can just grab regardless of the syns? Hard work!
I think it's definatly the weather. I am finding it very hard to stay on track when all I want is a nice warming, comforting meal infront of the tv. I had salad for lunch at work and then was hungry about 2 hours later... needless to say I grabbed for a chocolate bar. :(

I think we all just got to keep trying I guess... BUT if you find some willpower... can I have some too? ;)
This is how I'm feeling too. I just can't get back into the swing of things, but here's a quote that inspired me recently;

"take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"


Silver Member
im the same i was 1lb from target, went on holiday and have been finding it so hard the last few weeks to get back on track, ive planed my meals but it's still not been working, just want to eat junk and drink wine. Hoping for some will power this week.
sian x
Hey i have been off plan for over a week and i'm at the beginning of my weightloss journey. I've just been under a lot of stress lately and the weather doesnt help at all but i am now back on plan and just thinking of my end aim x
I find things like stew with loads of veggies real comfort food and help with the weight loss. Also if you blend some of it you can put in a flask to take to work. If you don't think soup will be enough, you can add an HEB of bread or roll to go with it. If you have access to a microwave then you could take a baking potato and some beans and cook in the micro. Another thing I used to take when I was working was some eggs and make scrambled eggs. You could also make things like rice salad or pasta salad which is quite filling.
I always made sure I had a bowl of fruit on my desk to pick at.

Make vegetable soups for winter lunches at work. Most are superfree or if you use potato or parnsip it's at least free on green. Really warming and comforting (heat in the morning and put in a thermos at home if you've no microwave at work) and most importantly, filling!
You can even add pearl barley or pasta to bulk it out further, then have with a HexB choice - 5 scan bran, 4 ryvita or a couple of mini bread slices.
I think all we can do is the best we can and not beat ourselves up if we slip a little around this time of year, I'd rather slip a little and be happy than be miserable by denying myself. Not to say we shouldn't try but life is a little bit too short to be so hard on ourselves all the time!
hi debtdummy i have to agree with time2bslim i also think i don't eat enough at my meals then i get hungry between them, then the temptations start, so from today i am adding more food to my meals and am going to eat fruit e.g clementine b4 my meal and see if it makes any difference to my hunger pangs, u r not alone, good luck to u :)
Debtdummy what do you class as winter fruits. Satsumas are so yummy this time of year & if you shop around not too expensive. I also find bananas are sweet & filling. I buy frozen fruit & take out what I want and have with yoghurt or cereal (hexb). For my lunch today I pre-cooked some veggies & warmed them up and added a mugshot which makes a nice warm filling lunch, followed by fruit & yoghurt.

You are so determined at the moment you can do it, just get back on that wagon & get off only for authorised stops:D

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