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needs a kick up the bum!

I am Sooo dissapointed in myself, I managed to lose nearly 3 stone on SW and I have now managed to put 2stone 7 lbs of that back on!!
I just have no motivation whatsoever, I get my books out every friday sit down and do a menu plan go out shopping on Saturday then come sunday I end up either eating out for lunch or friends call round and I get the nibbles out and a glass of wine.....or 2... and there is my meal plan out the window again. I just have no will power, I have tried all the sticking photos of me on the fridge door, nibble on cucumber and carrots and sugar free jelly and all those types of things when am picking but that just leads me to start wanting more and tastier things. I dont think it has helped that my Wii has been broken for a few weeks so I have been unable to do my Zumba Fitness but I have had it fixed for nearly a week now but I just havent got that urge i feel sluggish and tired all the time. I really need something or some help to kick me back in control of my healthy ways again....ASAP....please Help!:sigh:
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OMG - did I just type that? I really could have done.

I too am struggling at the moment. I was doing sooooooo well, but events out of my control upset the apple cart and I'm now finding it hard to get back on it.

I too KNOW I feel great when I am fit and I love running, I love healthy food, I love the feeling of feeling healthy.

Simples, eat less, move more.

Shame my little food devil doesn't think the same way! He (obviously a man!) sits on my shoulder whispering "eat it..........eat it........." until I give in.

BUT.............with the support of our family on here and at SW meetings if you attend too, we have to adjust our habits, bit by bit.

There will be some weeks when it is all too easy and the weight falls away, we'll get complacent and the next week have a gain that kicks us back into touch. But it is the habits we change for the long term that will make the big difference.

We both know exactly what we need to do, and I am a fine one for giving everyone else help and encouragement and advice on here, do I listen to myself? Do I heck!

So, if you want a bum-kicking-buddy I am happy to be that person! You kick my bum and I'll kick yours!
I would love a bum kicking buddy!!! Its really hard for me as I am a stay at home mum although my boy is starting full time school in september so I will be able to do more things for myself. I dont attend the classes and I cant really afford it however I do have all the books and recipe books etc from when I used to attend and as you say this website is more than helpful.
I too have a devil on my shoulder....a big fat red one with a cream pie face!!! and I also think he has absorbed all my will power.
I feel so unfit, I was doing some work on my drive way on Saturday and the pain in my ass and thigh muscles are only just starting to go away, granted I was out there for a few hours but even so I felt like a cripple!!!

I would be interested in hearing what if anything gets you motivated??

Good to hear from you


A determined Bear
Hi babieg
I can completely empathise with you. I lost 2st 7lbs on SW over a couple of years. Had a stone to go until target. And then I went to uni- possibly one of the most inconvenient things to happen so close to target.
Anyway, I went with good intentions. And stuck at it for a few weeks. Having just finished by first year, I came back and had put on 1st 7lbs (or thereabouts.)
SO- decided, RIGHT. I'm going to start again. And I tried.Sat down with books, wrote meal plans, attempted a food diary. But like you, went out for drinks, pub lunches with friends, picking at 'bad' food.
Did it work? Did it hell.
Then I sort of realised that the problem for me was that I just kept kidding myself, I was in denial about my eating habits, telling myself that my diet 'wasn't that bad'.
I can't explain my turning point. One evening I just said: "I'm going to join SW online!" Since then, been on plan and going ok.

It sounds like you're giving yourself a very hard time. When you have a glass of wine, or 2!, try not to let yourself slip into the 'well sod it, I've blown it now!' attitude. That's tempting, but not constructive. With excercise, just focuse on starting with smaller, everyday tasks. Cleaning the car, gardening, hoovering etc. It all adds up.

Sounds hard, but please try and focus on what you KNOW you can achieve. You've done it before. Look at all the good things you do. The fact that it's on your mind is a good sign. You just have to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Look at the positives, think about what you've been able to to before. Feel proud of yourself :D

Can I ask, do you go to a group, or online? (Or neither?)

ClaireBear xx
Hi Clarebear,

good to hear of your weight loss/gain journey at least you are getting back on track thats the main thing.
I used to do SW online then I went to classes for more encouragement but then I had to make cut back financially so I was or i am supposed to be going it alone and following the books, I have all the books and recipe books etc, its just finding that motivation. I am also just recovering from surgery so I feel that may well be part of the reason that I am in this lull that I cant get out of. I am finding it quite useful reading peoples food diaries too which I am getting some inspiration from.
I guess your right regarding the excersize, small painless steps are better than full on aerobics session then a week of agony, I have looked into a walking plan to start with where it gradually ends up you jogging, painlessly!! I do look back on old photos and think, My god I looked good then:flirt2: and would so love to get to that weight again, but then I am such a food lover it controls my brain! friends can be too kind to, they all say that am not fat and I certainly dont look my size or weight and that I hide it well because of my height (5ft 10") so that then makes me think...ahh well lets have another donut!!! its just terrible!


A determined Bear
I understand how you feel. My friends at uni would encourage me "go on have a bit of pizza, have another drink" etc. I'm 5ft 9 and people always tell me "well you don't look that heavy!" But to me, the numbers on the scales are everything!
But it's about you. Try not to let other people dominate your journey, hard as it is!
I do know that the online membership has an offer on at the moment. Woman magazine is also offering a discount. Go to slimmingworld.com/woman and it tells you about the offer :)

The walking plan sounds really good. I think maybe if you start doing that, you might kick start yourself into feeling better about everyting in general, and help you get back on track.

Being a fellow food lover, I find the best thing is to find SW friendly alternatives to things. For example a healthier macaroni cheese, SW chips instead of fried ones...the key is not to feel deprived :) Also try filling out a paper food diary. It might draw your attention to little things that are easy to change.

And remember, these lovely people on here are here to help you!
Hey babieg and clairebear1000,

Here goes my story, I was 13stone some years ago and I lost a load of weight as a teen on WW. As you do you get comfortable and put it all back on!! Well I did SW the next time, determined I could not be bothered to sit there and count flipping points because it drove me nuts after a while. So I started at 12stone 7lbs and got down to 10stone exactly. Then I was happy.

I managed to maintain this give or take 1/2 a stone or so for about 6months. Later on that year I went through a vile break up which my weight plummeted to 9st 7lbs, which for me is significantly low and I was a really boney size 8. I loved the fact I was super thin, but everyone commented how poorly and too thin i looked. Lots of other things contributed to this, having to go back home after I'd moved out, losing my job and feeling bad eating out of my mums cupboards.

Luckily I met my lovely boyfriend, who cooked meals for me, although he is so thin its unreal so he doesnt have to watch the calories, so the meals were rather unhealthy! Then sadly from 9st 7lbs I then became 12st 5lbs within 8 months undoing all the hard work I'd busted a gut to do!

I really feel your pain all of you. For me the thing that kicked my butt, was thinking "oh my god what does my boyfriend think of when he looks at me now". Not that he's ever one to tell me I'm fat or anything like that, but I am super self conscious. So I did something about it! Went back on SW in Jan and now I am 1st 9lbs lighter :) I've got 10lbs to go really.

I'm sure there are lots more of us that understand how u feel. You will always have bad weeks, believe me where you'll sit there like me n demolish a bag of wine gums or a bottle of wine. Best thing I can advise is, dont buy them or measure the qty you are having and syn them. Thats how I started, my bf laughed at first, but now he knows.

Luckily though being dairy free now I cannot have a lot of goodies that I could 6months ago, so maybe that helps!

Sorry for the life story, just thought if I explained it might help xxxx
Hi Bev!
Thanks for your post, its really nice to hear of other people's weight loss journeys, however yours seems to of been a bit of a tough one, up and down like a yo-yo and the stress and pressure you have been under, I just hope that you are now happy in your life and you are able to maintain a healthy weight.
I am the opposite to you....I just eat!!! feeling low...eat...happy...eat....stressed...eat...angry....I scrub the house!!! but angry is not a good emotion to have constantly and to be honest doesnt happen that often. I think because I am happy with my life.....now....,and my husband and child, my weight is in the back of my mind...until I am to get ready for an evening out, or I see photographs of myself and I am not happy with what I see. I have lost weight and was a lot heavier before I met my now husband....I too had a very bad break up with an ex, so thats where all my weight piled on. Then I started losing it once I was getting myself back on track, then I met my husband and shortly after meeting I fell pregnant and since then I have been a stay at home mum rather than out every day working and dashing about everywhere so the kitchen is very close to hand.
I will get there eventually, I dont mind a slow weight loss just as long as its a loss!!
Good luck with your journey its nice to hear from you! x

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