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  1. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    Hello everyone!

    I'm starting this diary to help me through what I hope will be my final VLCD journey to my goal. I'm on Exante at the moment (Day 4) but switching to Slim and Save once my packs run out - I hope it's okay to put my diary in the Slim and Save section!

    I've done VLCDs in the past - lost a lot the first time and gained it all back, lost a bit every other time and gained it all back. I've tried CD, Exante, WW, SW, Atkins, The Idiot-Proof Diet (misleading title...), calorie counting. All without success. This time, I'm going to do it. I've realised that if I had just kept trying instead of giving up when it got too tough or I fell off the wagon, I'd probably be at goal by now! :sigh:

    I have a lot to lose (over 9st) but I'm going to take it day by day.

    Firstly, I want to get under 20st (18lbs to go!).

    Secondly, I want to get my BMI under 40 (46lbs to go!).

    Thirdly (is that a word?), I want to lose 4st 10lbs for my holiday in May (66lbs to go!).

    By then, I'll be over halfway and I can start making mini-goals again. I feel different this time, like I really can do this. I'm just going to keep trying, no matter what happens. No giving up this time! I am in this until the end. I am not a quitter in any other aspect of my life, so why should I be when it comes to dieting? :confused:

    My experience so far has been okay:

    Day 1 - I was feeling so positive and motivated but also a little sad to be leaving food behind. But the day passed quickly as I was at work, and before I knew it I was in bed (with a cracking headache) and I'd completed the first day. I woke up that night, about 6 or 7 times, needing a wee (damned water!) and the headache was there every time. It lasted about 18 hours in total but I know it was just carb withdrawal.

    Day 2 - I felt really faint that morning, but I had my shake and felt better. I went to work again and, again, the day passed quickly. When I came home, I could smell the Chinese takeaway down the street. God, it smelt so good! We always have a Chinese at the weekend so it was really hard to smell that but I went inside and watched 'Fat Families' for motivation. I felt okay then, and off to bed I went.

    Day 3 - My first day at home since starting, but it was surprisingly easy! My OH ate his dinner (he's dieting too but calorie counting) and it didn't bother me that much. I watched some TV and dossed about on the sofa (researching Slim & Save) for the evening as my OH was working lates. I wasn't tempted to eat at all, so I think I must have already been in ketosis. When I go into ketosis, I don't get bad breath but it does come out in my sweat a little (gross, I know). Anyway, I've been conscious of it since Day 2 even though my OH reckons he can't smell anything :eek:

    Day 4 - I've was busy this morning so didn't think about food. I did stare a little too long at the McDonald's we passed in the car, but I've never been that much of a McD's fan so I brushed it off quickly. My OH is on lates again so I've not had my final pack yet as evenings were my worst time for munchies! I have a can of Coke Zero in the fridge that I might have in a bit but I don't particularly fancy it so I might give it a miss. I'm watching 'Supersize vs. Superskinny' - that always gives me a wake-up call! I've been watching 'Cook Yourself Thin' repeats today - I love watching cookery shows while on a VLCD! Bizarre, I know, but it's like I'm eating the food with my eyes if that makes sense? It doesn't torture me or make me feel like eating.

    I did have a peek on the scales this morning and I've lost 10lbs already - so pleased! :D I can't wait to see the full week's result on Friday morning!

    Anyway, I'll stop waffling on now. I'll check in again tomorrow xx
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  3. sojafay

    sojafay Full Member

    Welcome Nefertari, Wow you're off to a good start there keep going girl.
  4. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I'm here!!! :-D You've gotten off to a great start and have no doubts you'll carry on that way. Especially once you're doing S&S and, hopefully, enjoy it more.
  5. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    Thanks so much guys!

    Just had my last shake - banana. Gagtastic!

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Slim & Save packs - so many flavours to choose from!!! X
  6. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I really don't miss Exante! Worth trying to sell your packs and trying S&S? S&S is cheaper so even if you don't get full price for Exante it should cover it.
  7. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    It's the same as Exante for a 4 week supply, I think? £105ish with postage? Or have I added up wrong? X
  8. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Oh, thought Exante cost more than hat! Depending how much you order it varies between £29.99 and £38.99 a week. £124.99 for 4 packs a day 28 day supply, which is about £32 a week.
  9. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    I'm going to do the 3 packs a day plus the protein and veg. I don't think I could handle 4 packs a day! Plus there's a bit more freedom with the 3 packs plan, like EGGS!!! :D

    Is there a list on here of allowed veggies and protein? Xx
  10. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

  11. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    Thanks so much! I did find a link but it took me to the nutritional info page of the website! This one works :D xx
  12. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    Would I be allowed to order the men's 5 a day pack? That would give me a 2.5 month supply on 3 a day for £100 less than buying 2.5 of the women's 3 a day packs!!! Unbelievable value!
  13. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Yup, you can order either, they don't ask what sex you are. I order the 5 pack a day one, it's a little more to pay out each time in one go but it does save you quite a lot. Especially as you're then only paying the extra for delivery less often as it lasts longer too.
  14. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    I think I'll get a normal women's one first as I don't think I can get the cash together this time round. Next time, I'm definitely getting the men's pack!

    My Day 4 ended okay - gagging on a banana shake in front of Outnumbered.

    Today is Day 5 and I've had another peek at the scales (naughty, I know!) and I'm down by another 3lbs so that's 13lbs in total after just 4 days! :yay: Amazing! I've never lost more than 12 in Week 1! Hoping for an even stone by Sat morning's WI but any more would be amazing!

    I'm alternating good day/bad day at the moment in terms of packs. Today is a good day (choc shake, vanilla shake, toffee and raisin bar). Yesterday was the bad day (strawberry shake, banana shake, choc chip and orange bar - all BLEURGH). I find that helps me get through the nasty ones otherwise I end up leaving them all until the end and then I end up jacking it in. No quitting this time! I feel so good - like I can really do this this time!
  15. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    I can't believe it's Day 5 - I feel like I've only been doing this for a day or two! Very proud of myself.

    I really can't wait to get my hands on the S&S stuff. I was gagging on my vanilla shake this morning and I'm normally okay with that one. I'm just thinking of the packs as medication that I have to take and that makes it easier. They are certainly NOT food! >.<
  16. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    I think Exante must know I'm planning on jumping ship - they just sent me a coupon!!! Sorry, Exante. My mind is made up!
  17. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    Oooh I get an avatar now!

    I'm remaining anonymous because I don't want people I know lecturing me on how VLCDs aren't healthy and that I'll gain all the weight back again afterwards. I'm sick of hearing it. They aren't healthy if you use them incorrectly, but if you follow them properly, they are just fine.

    My family know and they are being very supportive :)

    I know I keep twittering away to myself on here, but it really helps to keep me focused!
  18. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Haha I had a coupon too!! Could you try doing things to make the shakes better? Like coffee in the vanilla, that's what I have to do even with S&S.
  19. Nefertari

    Nefertari Silver Member

    I'm not a coffee fan to be honest! :(
  20. night-owl

    night-owl Gold Member

    GGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK! I mean obviously it would be better in happier circumstances, like us both being skinny minis, but it is still great to hear from you. It feels like the Cavalry has arrived! Know for sure, we are going to do this! It may not be our first time but in our favour we have experience, we know it works and we have had a taste of how good it feels to get there!!! So we know already it is worth it!!

    Well done on your great start. You won't need to twitter away to yourself now as I'm on here lots -- when I am not walking or swimming of course! I don't dare run/jog just yet as I am worried I really will do permanent damage to my knees eeek!

    And, do you know what, a couple of months ago I actually read in the paper for the first time ever a good story about vlcd. They actually said that fasting and eating much less than we do can actually prolong your life! So there! the tables are finally turning, people are seeing the light!

    I tried S&S but went back to my old tried and tested tastes at CD. Have a few S&S packs I could send ya if you want, just to cheer you up? WI Thursdays so speak tomorrow. Fx
  21. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Night-owl did you prefer CD? I've done all 3 and S&S has definitely been my favourite!

    Hmm... maybe other things you could add? Cinnamon? Mixed spice? Try them hot? I don't know really! Maybe post and see how people have improved shakes. How are you getting on?

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