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negative calorie food?

I was reading a woman's mag and it was talking about negative calorie food actually helping weight loss and recommended a soup...

Is it true? Can you eat some food which actually subtract cals in their digestion rather than gain? I know everyone used to say this about celery.
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Never heard of it .............. but I really wish it were true! (hate celery though so hopefully that's not the only one!!)


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Not true as far as I know. There are lots of LOW cal foods mind you...but NO cal? Only water!


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Yeah, it's one of those things that people will disagree on. The main problem was something to do with fibre being counted as 0 calories when it's actually 1-2 cals per g (or something).

I should imagine that celery possibly falls under this catagory, being solid and fibrous, and with so few calories, you probably burn more chopping it with a knife, and that's before you start digesting it :D

But fruit.....no way!!


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does it not have somthing to do with the cals in food being lower then the cals taken to digest that food.

SO altho celery has few cals, it takes more engery to burn it


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SO altho celery has few cals, it takes more engery to burn it
That's the theory, but the research is very dodgy owing to a misunderstanding of the caloric value of fibre.

But, just say it did work like that. About 5 cals for a big stick of celery. Maybe burning 6 or 7 cals in the TEF , then you would save 2 calories.

Since there are approx 3,500 cals for a pound, you are going to have to eat lorry loads of celery, to make any difference in real terms.

But anyway, most papers say the TEF is only about 0.5 cals anyway, so I would tell the lorry driver to move on :D


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I can only imagine these are low cal foods that use more calories to chew and digest than they originally contain, thus taking you into negative calories. I might be wrong though

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