Negative Calories

It's grey and cold and gloomy, and we all need a good laugh right now, so I thought I would share with you the very useful information I just received in an email:

VitaSvelt Online

To quote:

Is it true that you can slim down with 1 capsule a day, whilst eating normally?

That is the whole secret of VitaSvelt
. Once digested, the Negative Calories neutralise the calories that you absorb with your food. In this way your body has to dip into its energy reserves (fat) to digest the food. The result is logical: you eat, therefore you lose weight.

Wow - all that effort we have been putting in, and we needn't have bothered!

Go on - give yourselves a giggle.

If you want to know about the "negative calories" myth - this is a good article:
The "Negative Calories" Myth Explained

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WTF????!!!!! Why have we all wasted so much time and money doing SW when the answer was in the above all along?

Thanks Avisk, thats made me smile! xx

Mrs V

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What a load of waffle! Made me chuckle!


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Takes me back to when they said you used more calories digesting a hard boiled egg than it had in it!


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Magic pills!!!

I bet as well as making you thin, if you threw them into the garden you'd have a beanstalk to golden eggs too! ;)


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I reminds me of any diet programme ever where some skinny person says something like:

"losing weight is simple, you just need to burn off more calories than you eat"

I always want to slap my head and say "Doh! Why didn't someone tell me this years ago?"- AAARRRGGGHHH just because a rule is 'simple' does not make it 'easy'!


Slow but sure....
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Well what a load of old 'cod's wallop'.....

Trouble is vunerable people believe this rubbish and keep buying the capsules, which is disgusting and should'nt be allowed, as these people who make the capsules are laughing all the way to the bank.