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  1. fatplop

    fatplop Full Member

    I am so upset. A man today asked me if I was going for a prenatal. No, I am not pregnant. I was following slimming world but took a break as I started therapy and found it so hard I resorted to comfort eating. I am very fat and look a real mess. I have decided to stick to the slimming world plan from now on as it is clearly urgent I loose weight. I just feel I do not want to go out in public and I am very upset and tearful. I never meant to get into such a state. I thought maybe people on here could understand this.
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  3. gemmy

    gemmy Full Member

    Im sorry to hear someone has upset you, albeit they may not have meant to. It's horrible when you feel like you do now but try to use it to spur you on - you are not a fat mess & talking to yourself like that won't do your mind any good. Try to be kinder to yourself in your weight loss journey, keep in mind all the wonderful things that you are & treat yourself with love, you are where you are but you can be wherever you choose to be - just treat yourself the way a friend would x
  4. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Member

    I totally understand what you're going through! I remember a man in my newsagent let me in front of him in the queue and when I said thanks, he replied with "I can hardly let a woman who's 'with child' wait now can I?"
    I was particularly gutted because I'd not only been on Atkins for months and lost about 40lbs, but my BMI was back in normal category so I wasn't even overweight at the time!
    Moral of the story, even non-fat people can look pregnant :(

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  5. fatplop

    fatplop Full Member

    How awful for you. I wish people would keep their comments to themselves. It is so damaging what their words can do.
  6. MAndrews

    MAndrews Full Member

    These people mean well but their words just came out wrong... I have had people get up from their seats for me on trains... LOL - I just said thanks and accepted it. Chin up - there's probably gonna be a day when you're REALLY going for a antenatal and they'd probably say, "young lady, let that mama through!" :)
  7. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Isn't it better to bought of as pregnant than just plain fat? Use this memory to motivate you as you lose weight. Write yourself a letter describing how you felt at that moment then if you struggling at some point in the future you can read it and remind yourself why you are doing this. Good luck!
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