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Nervous about Stop In

I am really really really nervous about my stop in on thursday beacuse I havn't been having the packs :cry: bad me!! been living on water so far! but tonight im gonig to my mums and we are going to sit down and I am going to have 3 of the sachets one after another and i know i have to drink them!!! what if i havn't lost anything or just had a small loss i will be sooooooooo disappointed!!!!! sorry all my threads have been negative and im only on day 2!!!

Though have to thank you all for your support,,,as i have now realised it is not just me who has to drink these awful :jelous: tasting shakes but it is still difficult!
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Jodie you really must have all the packs, they are what your body needs on a daily basis to survive. Just having the water will make you ill.......Experiment with them, I have to have mine with extra water to dilute them a bit......sometimes I add ice too.....!

You must have all packs every day hun xx


You'll be fine hun. I'd be careful about having all your packs in one go......they're only little but damn are they filling!! specially when you're not used to eating so much at one time!!

Good luck for your pop in!!

If you end up still hating them in a week or so...you can always switch over to Cambridge, the packs taste a bit different and there are more......but I really think you should try and stick it out with LL. The counselling is supposed to be top notch with the woman up our end.

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Thanks you have been very helpful...well i have found the thread for different things like muffins etc so printed it off going to mums tonight so we are going to attempt to make them so will do a chocolate muffin then a soup and down a shake blah!!!

Positve thinking!!!


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Have you tried mixing the packs? Chocolate and vanilla warm are nice. So is Chocolate and Raspberry. Vanilla with a spoonfull of coffe and a sweetner are nice too. Chicken and Mushroom or Vegetable mixed are nice. I add pepper and salt to my soups to give them flavor.
if i mix two together does that count as two packs of your four! sounds like a silly question i know!!!:p
oh good lola s i have just had all four haha! well we will soon see if it does more damage than good!!! thanks nicky! x

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