Nervous Newbie to SW


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I hope you're not going in the outfit shown in your Avatar pic!! Hehe! Aww don't worry, it's fantastic you're going on your own! It shows how much you want to do this, and I'm sure you'll find the people really friendly! There will be tons of people in exactly the same boat as yourself, especially this time of year because there are so many newbies turning up to classes in the New Year weight loss resolution rush!! I'm 10 weeks in and have already made friends with some really lovely people!! Your consultant will go through the plan thoroughly with you! I went this evening and ours did a big talk especially for the new folks and to be honest I think we all benefited from it because it's good to go back to basics from time to time! Good luck, I'm sure you'll enjoy the supportive and friendly environment! X


Never gets tired of SW!
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Oh yes, you asked what happens in the class! You queue up to register and pay, then you step on the scales and someone notes down your weight both on the SW record and in your new book (part of your new pack!) Most classes have tea & coffee! You take a seat and when everyone has been weighed, the consultant will welcome new members, probably go through the plan with you (this week at least) then will individually go through everyones losses. They don't call out your actual weight, just how much you've lost! If you've gained, they don't call out how much, they just say you've had a small gain this week!! There will be a discussion about how people have done it if they've had a good week, support for people who have struggled and lots of tips/recipes etc are exchanged! We have a real laugh at ours and feed off each other in a really supportive way! It's great!X


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awww dont worry i was in the same boat as you last week

i went on wednesday, the SWC knew i was new , as she seems to know all her members, so she took me to one side to fill in an application form and then put me in the queue to be weighed and handed the booklet

she then came back to me and went through the booklet and then did image therapy and then Q&A
i was the only new member , but prob this week there will be loads of new members so it may be done differently

i even came back with the basket of goodies as no one that stayed behind for image therapy lost weight so i got the goodies for being the new member

everyone was lovely and also knew i was new so were chatty to me and they were lovely

dont worry, you will be fine!!!
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thank you funcurls and minx... I am nervous as i dont have a good track record of sticking 2 things...! I also cant cook and work 2 many hours to eat well.


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I also cant cook and work 2 many hours to eat well.


But ive leant, it helps with the recipes too
i couldnt boil an egg to begin with. Over the last 6month, coutisey of my BF, he's helped alot

you will be fine

Just try and plan as that is the key, if u plan ,ur less likley to fall off the wagon



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depends what plan you do
Extra easy

i do extra easy which you can eat anythink, but it eaither falls into
super food - veg & fruit - excludes potato,sweetcorn and peas - eat as much as you want, more the better
Free food - eggs, low fat yogurt , meat, potatoes eat as much as you want but in moderations
syns - crisps, cakes, sauces - you have 10 syns a day

the booklet you get on thurs will explain everythink and ur SWC will go through it with you too


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It is better to cook if you can as it helps with eating more healthily in general and you can control your syns so much more easily as you know exactly how much you're putting in BUT if you're not a great/keen cook, and if you'll be buying a lot of branded/convenience foods, I strongly recommend you buy the FOOD DIRECTORY at your class!! It costs about £7.50 but is a real investment as it lists thousands of foods and their syn values and also states if they are healthy extras! There are so many manufacturers listed you'll be spoilt for choice! I love cooking but I still find mine really useful as I sometimes take things like Batchelors Pasta n Sauce/Savoury rice or a supermarket (healthy) ready meal into work if I'm strapped for time (I work long shifts as a nurse so often am strapped for time!!) Something that has really really helped me through a shift during a peckish moment where I don't have time for a proper break, or even just something to tide me over, are Mugshots! They're small packets of noodly/pasta soups that you make up in a mug with boiling water and stir for about 5 mins! They go quite thick and are sooo filling- I love them! If you like the sound of them you can find them in the soup aisle of most big supermarkets! The less than 1% fat varieties are free on green/extra easy days.X


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.

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Welcome on board Hun...speak to your Consultant before you get too bogged down with all the plans.
If you are then stuck, ask away anything on here the chances are that someone else will be wondering the same thing.
Good luck with your journey.



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welcome! im new to the forum too and just rejoined slimming world lastnight. theres a thread somewhere with slimming world members food diaries here thats just been started, you might want to take a peek at that to get a general idea x best of luck for thursday xx

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Hi hun and welcome! xx