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Fighting for My Health
Good luck nervous....I know how you feel, I felt like that last week and put off starting for 2 days until I felt that I had the right mind-set. In fact I had LT for breakfast and lunch on Monday then had some really tragic news that a friend had died and the first thing that I did was go and make some toast!

Feeling good now though, in ketosis and looking forward to my weigh in, not sure whether to post it today though or weigh on Wednesday which will be a week, decisions, decisions.....I suppose that Monday is a good weigh day....
Goodluck, hope all goes well :) might be worth watching the dvd on the lipotrim website first, so they don't send you away to watch it and have to go back again. xx
good luck on your journey, its is hard but so worth it, you have taken the first step. x x


Fighting for My Health
Thanks all for the replies :)

Sandra - How sad about your friend :( Tragic circumstances I know, but it just goes to show how tied in our emotions are to food! Well done on getting into ketosis, and on your first week's weight loss :)

Missy - Oops didn't see your reply before I set off, but thankfully not having seen it hasn't delayed my start :) Well done on the 9lb off - yay! :)

So So Hopeful - Fantastic weight loss! You must be thrilled :)

Size 10 Bikini (love that user title!) - Thanks for the welcome :)

Jaynie - Yay to 9lb off :)

Pleased to say all went well at the pharmacy and I have my week's supply of packs. Can't say I'm overly thrilled about having to do this diet - all those years of scoffing and now it feels like a punishment lol. I am in the right mindset to do it though and I'm sure I'll feel more thrilled about it after the first couple of weeks and the rewards from the scales :) No messing with packs, just going to mix them up, get them down and forget about them. Well, that's the plan anyhow! lol.

Must go and have a little read around the forum now :) Thanks again for the welcomes :)

thanks jayne yes im thrilled on my loss so far, but still have a long way to go. the first few days are hard but once ketosis sets in youll be flying. if you feel that you are struggling come on here and there is always someone to offer support. good luck x x x
Good luck with this,its my first day today too after doing lt and putting all the weight back on :( i wont let it get back on this time thats for sure.
good luck,sure you will do fab

Good luck on your weigh loss journey and welcome to the site.


Fighting for My Health
Ooo, good luck for your first day too Vicky :) We can hold each other's hand! lol

So So Hopeful - I'm going to hang on very tightly for this first week and take inspiration from others now and in the future.

Well, first (strawberry) shake down, and it was fine :) In fact it was a HUGE relief this morning to wake up and not have to worry about what to eat, and for the whole overeating, guilt cycle to start all over again for yet another day :(

I work Wed-Fri each week, so hopefully the distraction of that will carry me through the difficult days and into ketosis for the weekend. Just plan on taking it easy really for a couple of weeks until my body gets used to things, and then will get back to my usual gym routine (body pump class twice a week, followed by half hour on treadmill - only incline walking, I can only dream about being able to run at the moment lol - and then hour on treadmill once a week, so 3 sessions altogether).

good luck jayne, you did it before, so you can do it again, im on day 6, its weigh day tomorrow i cant wait, x
good luck jayne, you did it before, so you can do it again, im on day 6, its weigh day tomorrow i cant wait, x
Me too Raquel and I note that we!'re starting from almost exactly the same weight and height! I wonder how we'll get on? I swear that I feel thinner today!

Good luck

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