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Nessie's Diary


Loooooves MiniMins
I see other peeps have diaries so I'm trying it to see if it helps :)

On day 7 and not managed one day of complete cd yet! Last night I decided that I couldn't actually afford to do it atall, which is true, so I then binged on cereal, sandwich etc etc, only to decide later on that I really want to do it and will take it a week at a time!

Well it's 9:12 and I'm having first shake with water before off out to work. Seem to be ok during the day but it's in the evening when I'm with DH that I want to snack! Such a struggle but only have 17lb to go, which isn't really that much left! Harder tho. If anyone has any advice I would much appreciate it, although I know we're all in the same boat and going through the same things.
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cme on you can do this just dig dig and everytime you want to eat just say to yourself "look only 17lb to go i can do this"
just keep thinking positive and it will happen
i am a restarter so know how hard it is to keep trying to get into ketosis but once there its ok
i have a lot more weight to lose than you (around 7 stone) but i have aleady lost 15lb in 2 weeks this diet does work if you do it properly
be strong and positive and good luck


Loooooves MiniMins
Thanks gailt39, was Wi today and lost 2lb, does get harder the closer you get to goal but I'm happy, it's 2lbs in the right direction! Only having 2 shakes per day for the next wee while and a sensible meal at night :)

15lb in 2 weeks is excellent, well done! Keep doing what your doing :)

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
:wavey:Hey Nessie

How ya doin hun?, long time no speak!

Sorry to read you've been a bit unwell for a while.......but nice to see you back on Minimins.

Haven't really been posting much of late - just kind of lurking, and mostly playing in the arcade.......so addictive, hubby keeps having a go at me because he can't get to his beloved computer :D

As for me dieting wise - I'm still kind of bumbling along and pretty much maintaining at the moment. Still just the wrong side of 11st, but happy to report that i've been that way for a good few months now so I must be doing something right. Still having good days and bad days, but soldiering on. I still have that ideal of 10st in my mind and maybe I'll dig deep and find a bit more focus after I come back from my hols........

Yes I'm away again, and its the biggie - the one I've been waiting for all year. We're off to Vegas on Sunday and I'm so excited that I've already made myself i'll - and I'm not even there yet :D Broke up from work today, so i'll be running around for the next couple of days getting everything sorted.

Just can't wait to get there and go on that clothes spending spree I promised myself when I dropped all my weight. The clothes are just so cheap (pity the dollar isn't so good:mad:, but hey it's been worse)

Do you remember me telling you about my sister who was dieting for a while with me? Well she started CD yesterday, and I've intoduced her to the wonderful world of Minimins :p If she ever gets time to post (or read) in between looking after the little one, she will go by the name of 'Chegz'. I'll be able to support her through the next couple of days, but after Sunday she'll be on her own for two weeks while I'm away - so I dare say she'll be on here to take her mind off the kitchen! :eatdrink051:

Anyway gonna go now and get in that arcade :cool:

Take care, and good look with the weight loss.

Kirsten x


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey pal! Yeah it has been a wee while eh lol. Well done on maintaining, not always the easiest thing to do :) I'll keep an eye out for your sis and introduce myself, so jelous about your holiday I can really do with that but chuffed for you, I know you've been really looking forward to it for ages! Lost 2lb this week, forst week back on it but really wasn't doing it properly, having 2 shakes a day and was snacking at night, numpty that I am. Anyway I do plan on behaving better, can't afford it so have to be serious and get those pounds off!

Would be great to catch up in chat when you get back from your hols, you can tell me all about it :)

Well I'm off for a hot shower, we're decorating the kitchen (biiiig job) and my shoulders are killing me! I sometimes think we'll be decorating the rest of our lives, which will be short seeing as it's killing us! lol. Word of advice, DO NOT move into a very very old and neglected farm house!! lol, it's worth it but don't plan on doing it again, infact I'm staying here till I'm old and gray.

Catch up soon chick x


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey spooky! I didn't know you were pregnant, congratulations hun! I spose I kind of am stepping into ss as at the mo I can only manage 2 shakes a day and a dinner but hopefully soon I can afford ss and will have gotten myself back in the swing of things :)

Thanks for the cheery hello :) It's nice to hear from you guys, I decided to come into this forum to mix with people who are starting again but will pop into cd one to see how you're all doing :)

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