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nettle tea?


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Hi hun...thought I'd reply as I hate seeing a thread with no reply.

We all obviously have never had the tea....sorry I'm no use!!! I'm not sure which are allowed and which are not. Speak to the pharmacist hun.


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Not had it soz but swear by (& at the beginning until I was used to the taste.... at !) Green Tea - raises yer metabolism too :)


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Hi hunni!

I like nettle tea, but it's not to everyone's taste... it's a bit like green tea in that respect. It's quite bitter, so if you're going to get some, try it weak to start with till you get used to it. It's very good for you, so worth trying.



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Nettle tea is lush, I drink it all the time. Try putting a mint teabag in with it. Pop the two teabags in the pot and it comes out lush x
You are allowed Lemon Verbena tea also, i tracked it down and it doesnt taste that bad , tho like green tea and nettle tea its an acquired taste
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I made nettle tea once on Guide camp a LONG time ago and it was very nice, though very weak but then it was made with nettle leaves not a bag! I do remember having it with milk though.

I haven't yet been brave enough to try green tea although I know I should. I loved my cuppa before LT but can't drink it without milk.


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'Ey up Nicki :) someone coerced me into trying nettle and peppermint tea a few weeks ago and surprisingly it was quite pleasant. I had mine with a few sweeteners in and it tasted somewhat lemony which was nice - fear not!! I checked the packet and there was no lemon or anything citrus-y in sight, just nettles and peppermint lol


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whats lemon verbena, and where can i get it? i've never heard of it before..?


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know the feeling...think it would be nice for a change. sometimes i have water, then for variety i have...er sparkling water...:D


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does nettle tea not give you a dose of the runs???
or maybe thats nettle soup?

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