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never ever go out without an emergency ration on your person


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took my husband to the hospital today to train new carers. what was meant to be a one hour appointment turned into a 5hour appointment, and a traffic jam on the way home. his ciritical alarms went off, so it hasnt been a good day. i know a lot of you wont know what this all means, but its been very stressful and i had to rely on the hospital canteen for food and water. and hospital food isnt really great at the best of times. so :mad: for not taking a tetra with me, but his critical alarms have never gone off before now. have to take him back nezt wek for a new machine, tetra will be taken with me this time. i can make some cookies before and they will keep ok for the day wont they? the 15min rules doesnt apply for cooked packs? is that right?
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Awww what a stressful day you have had....I dont know about the cookies....but would assume they would be ok.


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hmmm i hope so.

am very nervous tonight in c ase this new machine starts alarming.


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Hi Misdee

I've just read your post and then have spent quite a while reading your blog, I haven't finished it all yet, but I fully intend to.

I don't really know what to say now to you, words can't express as they say, but you are a very special family (your children are absolutely beautiful) and you will all be in my prayers.

Hiya Hun, what a day for you, yes you can keep the crisps with you, also make the truffles and keep those, but if its a hot day they will melt!!

Make sure you have plenty of tetras to hand, they are ideal, i had them everywhere, house, work, mums etc!!


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Ah dearie me Misdee!! that doesn't sound like fun at all!!! Cookies will be fine, you'd pretty much zapped the nutrients out them with the micro...but there will still be some! he time thing doesn't really matter with the bars.

Hope next week is better for you



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oh it wasnt fun. the worst bit was the M25 on a bank holiday afternoon. Its never been that bad when i've driven there. the hospital is 30miles away (harefield), and he was running out of batteries as well, thank goodness for the cigerette charger as well.

I dont currently have bars, i like the shakes well enough, as long as i have a tetra, cookies and abottle of water i'll be fine. Will just be better prepared next week.


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1st misdee i think you are amazing
i sat and read your blog
you are a true star to manage as you do
i truly wish you and your family all the happiness in the world and hope hubby will one day be better

know what you mean about not taking rations with you
was out most of the day yesterday and all i had was water
felt poorly when i got home to the point of migraine
must buy some tetras for emergencys

kaz xxxx
Back on line, eek a lot has happened to you. Does Peter go on the same ward each time? Maybe worth asking the nurse to store a few packets in their kitchen/handover room. Dumb idea but worth asking.

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