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Only on Day 4....

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Hi everyone.... I found this site after googling lipotrim and wow.. thank god i did!:)

I came across lipotrim accidentally in the chemist but knew there and then.. i wanted to try it. I need to change desperately.

I filled in the forms and was so excited to try it out. The fat measuring device wouldnt even measure me and i tipped the scales at 127kg on Friday... im hoping and praying that this necessary sacrifice brings a massive difference to that number on saturday when i go for my first weigh in.

Ive been grumpy, and practically begging for a morsel of hubbys dinner - although hes been making favourites of mine all this week as it what we had in the fridge! :cry: Hes denied me though, hes been great but admits im a complete cow at the mo, and its only day 4!

I had a baby last august and never want to go though the embarrassment of ante natal appointment lectures because of my weight again... 4 weeks after his birth i was taken into hospital thinking i was having a heart attack... i wasnt but after 8 months of these attacks and subsequent diagnoisis i had my gall bladder removed in may this year... all of this because of my weight. I need to be here to see my little prince grow up! SO.. HERE GOES....

Not so bad so far, feeling shattered and hungry but i have a 10 month old and full time job so expect to be tired...
Started feeling sick tonight... it came in a huge wave and passed within an hour...

Fingers crossed this is it for me!!
ive never stuck to any diet before but im hoping after reading the amazing successes on here and reading how supportive everyone seems to be... that ill soon be another success story.

Hope to "read" up and get to know some people as i begin this journey... thanks for reading!:wave_cry:
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Hiya, welcome to the best forum on the web! Lots of luck for the rest of the week and well done for getting to day 4. The first week is the worst, it really does get so much easier after that, and the first fabulous weigh in really helps keep you on track.
The results on this diet are amazing, and I can honestly say I haven't felt so good in years. I am 37 now, and have been struggling with my weight for over 20 years. In that time, I started diet after diet and lost a few lbs, then put it back on with interest once I got fed up with it. I have lost just over 2 stone in four weeks, am now half way through week 5 and it is so easy now I just don't think about it. I still have a very long way to go, and I'm sure the losses will be smaller from now on, but I don't mind at all.
This forum will be a lifesaver for you, it has been for me. There is always someone here to encourage you or help you out, its like having a whole load of new friends, and because we're all in it together, it makes it much easier. Read some of the dairies and blogs, it makes you realise just how well this diet works. Even then, I still didn't think it would work for me, or that I could stick to it, but I proved myself wrong!
Lots of luck, let us know about the weigh in!


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Hiya Blondie, I'm on my 4th day too :) I know exactly how hungry you are....until this morning I was starving.....but I think the most important thing is NOT TO ever put any (even the tiniest) piece of food in your little mouth, whilst you're on Lipotrim. At least that's the thought I keep hypnotising with myself. I actually just cleaned my fridge about an hour ago and either threw away the food or gave it to my flatmate. I know this is not realistic for you, since you have a family, but maybe having one shelve with clean water only could be a great psychological trick for you.

Also, I did feel quite sick after last night's shake, so today I didn't drink it at once but spaced it and had it in 3 goes (within 15 minutes) and haven't been sick so far. Although my tummy does feel rather odd and bit painful still. I also feel very tired....hm, that's not actually the right term - more weak than tired! And I guess that's just expected because we're virtually starving ourselves at the moment. I'm very dizzy, which is quite unnerving but today was probably better then the first 3 days. Apparently once we get into ketosis, our bodies will start eat themselves, so I hope that will get better then.

I went out in the late afternoon and was surprised that I managed quite a good walk, and bought 2 big bunches of fresh mint, 3 big boxes of herbal teas (mint - as I have run out yesterday, pure green tea and earl grey), sparkling water (which I would normally never consider drinking), loads of Volvic (as I loooove this brand of water), big bag of spring water ice (again, not something I would ever buy before), a new big jag and Nytol (can't sleep at the moment....& really hope that I can take it whilst on lipotrim!). So, basically from tomorrow I'll start making various drinks and milkshakes - love them hot, but want to try them with ice too, also loooove herbal teas so will be getting three flavours as opposed to my mint one only and want to steep some fresh mint overnight in the jab for some refreshing minty water :)

Hope to see you around here and see your progress as we both start to reclaim back our lovely slim bodies :)

Take care and hope you sleep well.


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Just get through this first week and it all gets so much easier. I have my weigh ins on Saturday too so will be seeing how you've done on Saturday, I'm so excited for you, that first weigh in will really spur you on for week 2.

Good luck, drink plenty and stay positive and you will do this!


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I'm on Day 3. I am 238lbs and want to get to 126. I'm 5 ft 5. I have a nine month old (nine months next week). I'm 41 and I've been carrying this weight for 10 years (I was skinny all through my 20s) and I can really feel it weighing on my bones. I HAVE to lose it. I did this LT diet about three years ago and lost three stone very easily. Christmas came and I took what I thought was a break. But I never got back on it cos I was a pretty happy size 12-14 and I lost my motivation. (and the chemist said I had to wait a year before restarting).

This diet really really works. I am going through the horrors of the first week but I think its easier for me cos I know that come Saturday I'll be feeling great. Its unbelieveably easy to keep to once you go into ketosis. Just stick at it through the rough spots over the next few days and I guarantee you that in no time at all you'll be 30lbs lighter. The days just pass. Everyone tells you to drink lots of water and thats hard but it is essential. You must drink at least two litres a day. If you don't you'll get dizzy and find yourself doubting. If you keep up the water intake you'll succeed.

I am not a poster child for LT though cos I put the weight back on. But I kept it off for 10 months after refeeding without any trouble. I was surprised that when I went through refeeding I kept losing weight for a few weeks. And I didnt have saggy skin or any of the things I had worried about. My hair didn't fall out. My skin got a little dry but cleared up once I went through refeeding. Afterwards I found that my appetite and tastes had changed and I couldnt eat the big portions I had before. So I kept on losing pounds.

Then there was a family trauma and, well, I turned to food. It was hard work putting the weight back on - it didn't just pile on like you'd expect after such a strict diet. I had to seriously overeat for a long time to put it back on. Mybad. I've forgiven myself for that and now I'm ready for change again.

I'm determined to reach my goal this time - and then to maintain properly. Feeling thin is soooo good. Buying clothes in regular shops is soooo good. Its worth all the pain of the diet. Stick with it.

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Hi Blondie
Just wanted to wish you luck with the diet. It is fantastic stuff, but the first week is hard work. Once you get into ketosis things will get a little easier for you. You won't feel so hungry and you will feel more detached from food.
I realised that my eating was just habbit and I wasn't really hungry.
Good luck and keep reading the posts for motivation. You can do it!!
Emma x
Goodluck Blondie

Once your through the first week you'll be flying I'm on week 2 and I can honestly say as the scales go down the liklehood of you wanting to eat subsides. You can do it!
S: 20st0lb C: 19st2lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st12lb(4.29%)
Hi again!

Thanks for the positive messages! Odd how strangers have spurred me on already! thanks so much... i think this forum is going to be a life saver!
Some great tips too... im drinking as much as i can, not struggling on that front at all, its the food! - so much so my sons organic smooshed up pouch dinners are looking gorgeous. not helped by the hubby delving into a plate of steaming hot pasta bake.. arrggh!
I might try the soups next week just to feel a little more normal... would you be allowed to add pepper or is that a no no?

Everyone seems to be doing so well.. loving all of the tickers and figures on the left hand side by the screen names.. will have to sort myself out some of those.

Thanks for keeping me positive.. already!

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