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  1. F0X

    F0X Member

    I'm a total newbie here.
    I'm doing CWP for the first time. In the past I've tried SW, Slim Fast, 5:2, WW Pro Points and Old WW. Old WW was the only one I ever lost weight on.

    I lost 17lbs for my wedding but I was a lot lighter to start with. Since then I was put on some medication which can make you put on weight (though this is not an excuse) and I've gained 4st.

    So now it's time to get myself sorted. Several family members have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my GP wants me to lose weight to reduce my weight to reduce my risk.

    So now's the time. I am not going to fail at this. This time when we go home to my hubby's family at Christmas I don't want to be the one being teased for being the fat one.

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  3. F0X

    F0X Member

    I just have to add today that because I was doing SS+ today, hungry, I had chicken and spinach for dinner. With my Cambridge products that's takes today's calories to a super amusing 666!

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  4. tangerine12

    tangerine12 Full Member

    Hey fox...welcome. Theres a load of people doing the Cambridge diet so u should get all the help and support u need here.
    I also was worried about type 2 diabetes at 18stone 7lbs at one point i must have been a high risk. You r doing the right thing if it runs in ur family.
    Good luck and i look forward to seeing how its all going x
  5. F0X

    F0X Member

    Thanks Tangerine.

    I'm really hoping that it works since I seem to be immune to weight loss!

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  6. F0X

    F0X Member

    Tired today, really tired. Not sure it's the CD though. Just been really stressed and I've got a lot of pain in my shoulder (I have a chronic shoulder condition). That always makes me tired.

    I am doing ok, made a bit of a screw up today though. I was doing SS+ today and I had salmon and peas before realising I can't have either but I didn't want to waste it and cook something else. I've added up my calories and it was 719kcal so I'm trying make up for it by not having my last shake. I know the peas week kick me out of ketosis but I only had 50g so I hope it's not a disaster.

    Tomorrow I'll do SS it's easier as dh is back at work so I won't see him eating all day, not that he is eating crisps or chocolate. He's trying to be really healthy to support me and also lose the little podge he's got around the middle. I find myself vicariously eating, dirty of crazily staring at him while he eats. It's weird because I'm not hungry!

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  7. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Hi fox

    Welcome to cambridge, this diet can make you tired at first but usually you find once in ketosis and the vitamins kick in you find you have more energy. Everyone is different though.

    I wouldn't worry about the salmon and peas you prob won't be in ketosis till day 3 so it won't have kicked you out and it was only a small bit. I'd still have the shake as it your vitamins but it's up to you.

    Hope your day goes well :)

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  8. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Hi Fox!

    I'm restarting Exante today which is similar to Cambridge .

    Maybe we can spur each other on..

    My starting weight today is 12s 12lbs and my aim is to get to 9/9.7 by November in time for my 30th.

    Good luck for today.
  9. F0X

    F0X Member

    Hi both, thanks for dropping by!

    I am in ketosis, today is day 6, I have ketostix, I'm just always have to know if I'm in ketosis or not...totally ocd. Worried about what the scales will say tomorrow. My sneaky peak says I lost 3 or 4lbs which is ok but for my first week I feel like it's not really much compared to lots of people who say they lose 10+ I guess it's because not doing ss. Also I don't even feel like I've lost. Feeling a bit despondent actually because I think I expected something different.

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  10. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    It may be a slower loss is you are on a higher step also depends on how much you have to loose, but still quicker than something like WW or SW.

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  11. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    Good luck foxy - I have nothing but amazement for people doing the shakes. I have low calorie days but all food - I wouldn't have the will power to do shakes! Especially since I hate milk shakes - although I do like protein shakes that have fruit juice and banana as the base.

    I think some of the folks that lose 10lbs in a week have way more to lose than 4stone so I don't think you can compare really. 4lbs in a week would be super if that's what you manage to get.

    Well done!
  12. F0X

    F0X Member

    Thanks guys. I'm trying to post in people's threads only they don't seem to show which is very odd and confusing. Perhaps it's because I'm new?

    The shakes are easy really Blondecat. You just stop thinking about food or expecting food. I am doing mostly SS+ so I do get a small amount of food in the evening.

    Today I'm doing SS only, which is definitely much harder. Not to mention I've been making nice food for dh on SS days so he can have a change to slab of meat/poultry/fish/eggs with vegetables (that I'm allowed) and his choice of carb. It's pretty boring for him and also he really needs more calories than that. So I made him a pasta salad with salmon from last night, sundried tomatoes, parmesan flakes and croutons. It looked at me while I was preparing so I had a tiny, tiny bit of fish. Good considering I wanted to scoff the lot.

    Tonight is even worse, I'm making his favorite and mine, Chilli. I think I'll be making a quick retreat upstairs while he's eating that. Tesco comes today to with noms for dh at work. Healthy noms at least, he's giving up lattes everyday (and the Danish that has an uncanny knack of jumping into his hand). He's such a grumpy a*** when he is doing sugar high/sugar crash. At least when I eat sugar I do it consistently lol

    I know i should be happy with 4lbs off, just I know that reasonably that's just water weight. I can lose that on my own by drinking lots of water. I'm existing on under 700kcal, mostly fewer. How is it possible that I'm only losing water :confused:

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  13. F0X

    F0X Member

    Had a crappy day today, ended up eating a lump of cheese and some ham and my second shake all before 12am. So that will have undone all the good work from yesterday but I was so tired and do groggy and properly hungry. Dreading weigh in.

    My hubby has bought me the Sony equivalent of the Fitbit or Up bangle for my phone. Can't wait to get it. It does more than a Fitbit too including live blogging and syncing with my phone to let me know when I have notifications.

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  14. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    You stopped at the ham and cheese and recognised it that's what u have to focus on. :)

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  15. F0X

    F0X Member

    So, that's 5lbs off in week 1. Bit disappointed but it's still good and my counsellor says it could just be because I'm airways quite well hydrated so I wouldn't have had masses of water weight. 4 inches off too which is good, pleased with that.

    So back to the grindstone this week ahs follow the plan to the letter.

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  16. F0X

    F0X Member

    I was so so good today. Went to Tesco because dh had lost his headphones and it was the only place to get some that time. So he decided he wanted a pizza. I just stepped away from the pizza aisle and went and found myself some skinless, cooked, chicken breasts with no coating or sauce and had that with cucumber instead. Pleased with myself that I said no to pizza.

    This weekend and the next few weeks will be tough though. We have a friend coming to stay indefinitely until he finds somewhere to live, and that will be hard for me because I like my space and I like safe space. Secondly because I have a meeting at work to decide what is going to happen with my job. I'm super nervous about it and anxiety makes me eat...

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  17. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Well done for avoiding the pizza and sorry to hear about your job but eating won't make you feel better just worse. Resist and feel proud!!! U can do it! X

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  18. F0X

    F0X Member

    I am so hungry today I actually think I could eat a whole scabby horse... Think it might be because I've been decorating so done lots of running up and downstairs etc. Had a cucumber and celery salad (which my counsellor says was ok) to try and stem the hungry but nope still starving so going to do Ss+ today even though was supposed to be a Ss day. Think that's better than ordering a Chinese and drinking a bottle of red wine -which is what I really want to do!

    Getting very wound up and stressed about work now the meeting is getting closer. Union says that it's just going to be a damage limitation exercise for my employer but who knows I don't think I can predict what will happen. I may walk out of the meeting jobless.

    Feel like I need a holiday, but then again holidays are like a license to eat like a pig. On that subject I cleaned out all my "hidey holes" yesterday. All the places I have hidden chocolate, sweets etc so dh couldn't do that concerned disappointed thing that he does. I felt really disgusted with myself. Particularly all the Thornton's boxes (ordered online of course). Cambridge is really making me think about how I eat. I always felt like I *had* to eat something sweet with a particular medication I take because it's so bitter but not had anything while doing CD and it's fine, it's not that bad.

    Dh weighed today because he's finally managed to join the GP and he needed to put his weight the form. I feel horrible and embarrassed that he is nearly a stone lighter than me, and he needs to lose a bit as well...

    Going to boil an egg!

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  19. F0X

    F0X Member

    Ugh ended up eating cheese and a little bit of dh's lamb. Need to stop sneaky peaking because it's just making me feel like CD isn't working but there is no way that these few calories can't result in weight loss, right? Not lost anything this week so far so I don't know what's going on.

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  20. F0X

    F0X Member

    Had a better day today. I got my smart band yesterday so I've been playing with that. It showed me that despite thinking I get a good night's sleep I actually get very poor sleep and wake up a lot which is odd. So I'm only get 5 hours a night when I thought I was getting at least 8 maybe even 9. I know poor sleep can cause weight gain so maybe if I get better sleep the weight will come off quicker.

    Started body brushing too. It's supposed to help with not getting saggy skin. Don't know if it will work but bugger me it smarts!

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