New Aldi opened and... will power


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We've had a new Aldi open a couple of miles away this morning. So off I toddled to see if they were giving any bargains away and to stock up on yogurts ;)

There was someone stood at the door offering shortbread biscuits out. I politely said no thank you and carried on. Two minutes later I was accosted by someone offering my chocolate matchmakers. I politely refused again. Two minutes later I was approached by someone offering me a huge slice of sponge cake. By now, I'm getting a bit aggrivated. But I politely said no thank you thinking bugger off and leave me to my shopping. The cake guy caught up with me on the next aisle and offered me cake again, and then as if by magic, next to him stood a woman with a plate of chocolate biscuits! arghhhhh. I said (half joking) I'm on a diet stop following me and offering me food. Everyone keeps shoving food in my face!! They both skulked away looking a bit shame faced. I went and raided the fridge for a full tray of strawberry yogurts.

Grrrrrrrr. These things are sent to corrupt me, but I showed restraint :D Pretty pleased with myself to be honest, because I love shortbread biscuits and matchmakers
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well done hun. we never get anything like that is our aldi and it was recently built on to and had a reopening and nothing the miserable gits!!!!! I love aldi !


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Oh my goodness, that sounds like a real gauntlet! You are fab for not succumbing to the temptation. Shortbread Mmmm!


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I agree!!! Well done for not giving in. I'd have been so tempted to have a sneaky matchmaker!

I love Aldi. When they do their cheap veg offers there are some absolute bargains to be had. Last month was cauliflower, broccoli, savoy cabbage...all at 39p each. I had a bumper veg month!!

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That really took some willpower and you've got it!!!
What a pain to be hassled in every aisle you were in, I dont think I would have been quite as reserved!! Lol


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Well done, on a similar (more ironic note) I was in Evans at the weekend, dont really like shopping in there anymore as I dont HAVE too, anyways, bought a size 16 jumper in there and while paying I noticed two bowls of celebration chocs by each till. I said to the cashier, a bit tongue in cheek that I didn't think they were very helpful to people who were obviously already overweight, hence shopping in there. My mum said its to make sure people keep going back! X


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We havn't got an Aldi in Bedford, only 2 Lidls and I am not that keen on Lidl.

In The Sun on a Sat they have a captain cash page and Aldi are actually more expensive for the basics than Tesco and Asda!