New to Cambridge diet and not losing weight


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I have been on CD for 11 days now and am not seeing a diffference 😬 I am on step 2 and sticking to portion size. My last weigh in was last sunday( after 6 full days of CD) and I had only lost 2lbs😫! Also when the consultant measured my waist she said that I had put on an inch on my waist! I'm wondering if CD is worth it for me as at £50 a week is expensive esp when you are not shifting the weight! Please can someone give me some advice or insight into why it may not be working for me?
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Hiya Ana Rose. Welcome - first of all 6 days and 2lbs off. That's an equivalent of 121lbs a year. So wait until next Sunday - stay 100% and see what gives. You often can't see a difference for a while, especially if it's the dangerous visceral fat that's going.

Lots of questions for you:

How tall are you?
How much do you weigh?
What was your eating like before you started?

Hormones make a massive difference to weight and measurements - Time of the month? Gut movements make a huuuge difference too. You are probably better hydrated now than you were before if you are drinking more water.

Are you eating a badass salad a day?

What are you meals are you eating for your 200 calorie meals? Do you weigh the ingredients?

If you are using the water flavorings, sugar free chewing gum, sugar free squash or diet coke, stop them. If you are eating bars, do sachets instead.


PS you pay a premium to have a counsellor - so ring her and talk to her for help and support.


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Hi Ali,

A big thank you for your reply! :)

Answering your questions... I am 5 foot 2 and weighed 11st 2 before I started and was 11st last Sunday.
My I had a bad habit of finishing the children's leftovers :rolleyes: and would eat dinner once the children were tucked up in bed! ( I realise this would not help!!) Also, did tend to love my bread and potatoes!

For my meals, I am eating chicken with spinach and tomatoes, prawns with bean sprouts, tomatoes and rocket, egg salads etc and weighing ingredients too. For my CD supplements, I am eating one bar a day and two shakes. I was told by my CD consultant that it doesn't matter what products I pick and also that it does not matter what time I have them or my meal. Also, am strictly on plain water.

I did text my consultant who did reply and she said to keep going and that I could do this but tbh it didn't really motivate or make me feel any better! :(Since then, she has been sending me picture messages.


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This might not be at all helpful but I started using Exante shakes that I bought from an eBay seller. They were all new and in date but so much less expensive than if I bought them from Exante's site. I paid around £30 for 84 shakes. At two a day this is going to be very inexpensive. I have two and then a low calorie meal.