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Extra Easy New and 5 days in - am i doing this right?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by annieslim, 10 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Hi all. Started slimming world last Wednesday online. Been doing all I should , other than at weekend 2 days were16/17 syns a day due to wine. No movement on scales! Am I expecting results too early? Did I ruin my start by the alcohol at the weekend ? Am thinking perhaps should have joined via a group but hoping can keep going through online support.
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  3. Wattswife

    Wattswife Full Member

    5 - 15 syns max per day. The groups are brilliant. Lots of good hints n tips. Wine is so high in syns I've switched to vodka for when I feel like a tipple! Eat your super free! Oh and keep coming here. The people on the forum are all just so helpful.
  4. Oliversmum

    Oliversmum Member

    I have done slimming world 3 times ...to lose baby weight, twice very successfully in class and the last time I did it online and It did not work for me as I was not able to have the little nudge I needed and also the help with my food diaries as I have always done red and green in the past so need to get my head round EE, as a consequence I re joined a class yesterday. I think its a very personal thing but I can say that the forums here are fantastic and the support is really great it just was not quite enough for me. Why don't you publish your first weeks food diary and see if someone can see where you are going wrong (if in fact you are?).
    PS I use all my syns for wine too.
  5. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Thanks! You right about the wine !! Spray oil, egg and mushrooms this morning for breakfast. Prawn and stirfry veg is my plan for lunch. Not sure yet re dinner tonight. Going to get a walk in though. Got a fitbit so no avoiding the low number of steps I do a day. Also going to dust off my 30 day shred DVD and start that. If I can see some results come through over the next few days it will help motivate me.
  6. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    I have paid for 3 months online so don't think I can swap to class now til that done? The forums are great like you say. Even just to keep coming on to update I think will help. I will put my food on and yes please anyone who can point me in right direction if making mistakes would be really really helpful
  7. Oliversmum

    Oliversmum Member

    I think the best advice I can give if you have only just started is, stick to the plan and keep a diary for the first few weeks ...its a pain in the bum but you will soon notice 'that tiny bit of mayo' or 'that little bit of orange juice' and only weigh yourself once a week. I would advise 1st thing in the morning, after you have been to the loo but before your shower.

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