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New and amazed after first weigh in!


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
Hi- slimmer of the week is the person who lost the most weight in the group that week. but they had to have either stayed the same or lost the week before- so you cant get it in your first week

depending on your group- you may have to stay in class to get sotw- in ours its just whoever lost the most weight- even if they didnt stay, but some groups insist you stay for the class after

congrats on your loss for the first week!
thanks for that :) after many slimming clubs i didnt understand lol looking at ur ticker u have done an amazing job! think im going to need to do more exercise although summer hols with three kiddies is exercise enough at the mo! x


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
yep i'm not doing too bad :) i actually started doing better the less i worried about what i was eating. i weigh out my healthy extras (which is really just the cheese if i have it because i usually have bread as my healthy b)

It took about a month to calm down and stop stressing- because really once you get into it- it's really simple to follow- im just a natural worrier and was petrified of doing it wrong! lol


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
oh and where the exercise is concerned- chasing your kiddies around the park or walking around the zoo all counts as exercise ;) it doesn't have to be boring stuff like the gym lol.

Up here we have free swimming for kids, if i had any i'd probably be taking them there every other day lol

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