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New and down in the dumps

Well as the title says im new to this diet and to the site.

I start tomorrow and im looking forward to it but am totally down that i let myself put on so much that i have to take such drastic measures :(

And the fact that it "kinda" feels like summer is a big kick up the bum. I spent most of last year either sweating like a pig in a long black top. Cant bare another summer like that,

Hope u dont mind me joining!
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mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
hiya and welcome!!

This time next week you will feel fab, your 1st weigh in will really spur you on and make you feel happier about yourself!
Also, come on here as much as you can, that'll keep you going!

Good luck for your 1st week x
hey there welcome!

Stick with Lipotrim and you will definitely not be sweating in a long black top this summer :)

Its well worth it and you will be really motivated by the results.
Thankyou for the warm welcome :) its much appreciated.

From what ive read on here the first few days are rough :(
But ive set mini goals so fingers crossed they' ll spur me on.

Think ill be spending four months staying in as i love my nights out with the girls and they are very persuasive.

Im not quite sure how much im ment to drink tho, the chemist says four pints min but what does everyone else do?
hey there people tend to drink between 2.5 litres and 4 litres a day.

You can socialise on this diet as long as you drink water only!

My advice is to really focus on getting the first week and then you will be in the swing of things. Keep the water intake high in the first few days to avoid headaches.
hi, quite new myself. 3 wks, the guys on here are brilliant and have lots of tips and advice, its better than going to some meeting as theres always someone on whatever the time of day. good luck with your first week, it gets easier after that.


One last chance
Welcome and congrats on choosing LT.

Don't beat yourself up about it. Just think, by July you would have lost around 3 stone or even more.


Here we go again!
Welcome and good luck. You are the size you are but you wont be for long! Hang on in there for the first week and your first wi will be great inspiration. Good luck!
Hi Katie-Anne, and welcome. Good luck with your first day tomorrow and keep coming on here for support.
Hi Katie-Ann and welcome. You have taken the first step,so well done you!!! Good luck on yor LT journey,we are all in the same boat and there's always someone on hand with support and advice. Oh and the site can become addictive,so be warned ;)
welcome and good luck keep positive


maintaining since June'09
From what ive read on here the first few days are rough :(
Hi Katie-Ann ..... yes I read that too but I'm on day 5 now and I've had no problems! ...... Good Luck!
welcome and best of luck

just stick to it 100% and you will do great
Hiya and welcome. I understand how you feel hon, I cannot stand the thought of sweltering through another summer either. I'm starting Mon, so we will both be lighter on our feet by summer.;)
Aww thankyou guys feel very at home now :D x


maintaining since June'09
How're you doing Kaite-Ann??

Welcome to the forum. the guys and girls on here are fantastic. they are all here to support each other. You will be looking slinky for the summer not sweaty!!
I am starting lipotrim tomorrow. so if you need a bubby give me a shout.

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