New and first day tomorrow.


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Hi all I'm new and am starting CD tomorrow.
I have done it before so have an idea of what i'm in for. I havent cut down on my carbs and probably very stupidly have had a pig out day today! :eek: So am heading for a few rough days I think!!

I weigh 12st 12lbs and would like to lose 40lbs through SSing taking me to 10st. I am hoping to get to around 9 1/2 at the end of maintanance.
I fully intend on SSing right through christmas and new year. I just really want to be thin for next summer - that is something i have dreamt about for a long long time.

So Hi to everyone and i look forward to getting to know you all. xx
Hi Funky Monkey

How brave of you to start pre Xmas!

We are all here to support you over the difficult Xmas period.

All the best for tomorrow.

Dizzy x
Hi Funkymonkey

Good luck on ur CD diet. I pigged out day before starting mine... didn't make it rough.. instead it gave me something to look back on with a smile... had half a cheese, tom and onion pizza, half a garlic bread with cheese and half a bottle of wine... at 10.30pm the night before i started!!!!!!!! Not exactly the recommended course of action... but i enjoyed it!
Bravery or stupidity? To be honest though if i waited until after christmas i would use it as an excuse to pig out and probably weigh a heck of a lot more in January!!

I know it's going to be hard but i'm sure with all your help i can manage it!!!
:) You are such a brave person to try and do sole source during the christmas period. I admire people like you as you are so focused and want to lose weight over the christmas period where as others put the weight on and probadly gain an extra stone or two due to over eating.

At least you will be thinking about your food intake and not just shoving it in your mouth. You will be losing weight.

Welcome to Mini's funkymonkey, and good luck for your start x