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New and Need Advice Please!


Well I started CD today and am not pleased to say i have given up already :mad:

I just can't eat any of the food :(

I had a chocolate milkshake (hot) for breakfast, which if i held my nose i could just about eat! Then made the Tomato soup for dinner, and it was horrible, i'm sorry for TMI but it made me gag, then i tried the porridge and that did the same :(

Am I doomed for failure?

It's not helped by the fact the milkshakes i have to make by just shaking the powder in a bottle with water because i have to leave the house at 5 am, and have to eat both lunch and dinner on the move, my counsellor said i can't have the Tetras till the 3rd week, but i don't think i am going to be able to last no where near that long, even if i just survive on the milkshakes till then :eek:

I don't know what to do, the thing is i felt fine after my first milkshake, not hungry or anything, i'm so dissapointed in myself!
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DON'T! worry, it is all trial and error, I am not keen on the shakes hot and I can't do the soups.. did your cdc give u a plastic beaker with a lid so you can make your shakes.. they mix them really well and get the lumps out.. I take this and a bottle of water around with me so i can make them on the move.. soon you will be able to have the bars and there is mix a mousse you can add to your shake and it makes it like angel delight.. I am sure someone else will be along with some more hints and tips.. have u tried the apple porridge.. the tip is boiling water and mix well with a fork before microwave.. mix mix mix and it goes creamy :)
Thanks Hun!

No I didn't get one of those beakers, sounds like a plan though! If i ask my counsellor will she be able to get me one?

Also I've just noticed all my Shakes are Lactose Free, is that normal?
My cdc gave me one when I joined.. you cant get the consistency without mixing or blitzing. My cappacino one says lactose free, choc mint, strawberry and butterscotch doesn't, have a look in your book it may give more info in there. :)


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Lakeland sell a "Blender Bottle" which I use when I need to have something to eat when I'm at work think it was about £8 but is fab. I'm not sure how many flavours of shakes you have but there's cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate & chocolate orange I think that are lactose free. There's a much wider range of shakes that are milk based - strawberry, mint choc, toffee & walnut etc, (although vanilla & chocolate also come in lactose free versions) so I'm not sure why you've only got lactose free ones - unless you have a milk allegy like me! I have to say that I put up with the symptoms & a have a milk based pack every now & then & the milk ones taste much much nicer than the soya based lactose free ones. Get in touch with your CDC and ask to swap some of your packs for different flavours. It's trial & error til you find the ones you like.

You can do this - you've taken the hardest step - making the decision to start. It'll get easier (honest guv!)
I feel for you sweetie, as I personally LOVE all the shakes and even the soups. The Apple & Cinnamon porridge is just so yum but it does all depend on the mixing. Like someone else said, it is all trial and error. The tomato soup has to be mixed to a paste with cold water before adding the hot, otherwise it separates and tastes bloody awful. Hopefully you will find some flavours that you will enjoy. I heard of one person who lost tons of weight just by drinking the chocolate shakes and nothing else!!! That is dedication for you.

Good luck to you xx:)


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Sorry to hear your having a hard time today...
I got the tetra shakes on my first week so I use them when I go to work.. not sure why you cant have them til week 3...
I do have a hand blender which I use at home to make the other shakes and I add crushed ice to the they are so nice and use a straw..
I remember when I first started I just whisked them with a fork and they were all lumpy and I hated it..
You can pick up a hand blender.. i would personally try and get the tetra shakes for work..
Try not to give up once you get into it and see the results its so worth it..
take care and chin up !


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I heard of one person who lost tons of weight just by drinking the chocolate shakes and nothing else!!!
Thats pretty much what I have done so far! Some of the soups are just about tolerable to me...but the chocolate shakes are the only ones I really enjoy, so have practically survived on them! :D
Sorry to hear you arent getting along with your shakes.. I personally LOVE the porridge and have the cold chocolate shake sometimes twice a day! I reckon CDC shoulsnt give anyone the soups for the first week - as it puts so many people off!
I would have thought you should be able to get the tetras in the first week, I was allowed them. It's the bars, mousse, and water flavourings you can't have until week three. I wouldn't fancy having shakes that had been sat made up for hours so that could be spoiling how you find them - like the others have said is there no way you can make them up when you're out? And I would definately get back in touch with your CDC, tell her you're struggling and ask for tetras.
Hi There

I did almost exactly the same as you on my 1st day... Excitedly made porridge, and gagged and almost threw it up when I ate it. Then had the Spicy Tomato soup for lunch - that was a nightmare...all powdery and tasted minging. Luckily in the evening I had the Oriental Chilli soup (with lots of black pepper), which was surprisingly nice - or I may have given up right then !

I definitely would recommend calling your CDC - the flavours are all trial and error, and it may take a few icky encounters before you find what you like. Try the Tetras - I never had them, but some people swear by them. If it is a choice of that, or giving up - then go for it !

I personally used to have hot choc mint twice a day, and then made the vegetable sachet into "nachos/crisps" in the evening.
Then when I could have mix a mousse I used to make the choc mint into a delicious mousse instead...mmmmmmm

I know how hard it can be at the start of this diet, but once you are through the first few weeks and you can use the alternatives like mix a mousse and bars, it honestly gets so much easier.

Good luck hun...you can do it ! If I did it, believe me...anyone can ;-)

This is how I used to make them :

Empty veg soup pack into a mixing bowl, add ground black pepper. Mix water in slowly until you have a double cream consistency. Spoon about 4 dessert spoons of the mixture onto microwaveable baking paper and spread round the paper to make one large crisp shape about 20cm x 15cm (this can then be broken into smaller crisps when cooked). In my 800W microwave they normally take about 2 mins - 2 mins 20...just keep an eye on them to make sure they don't burn !



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Hi Pocababs,
Like you, I had a terrible first day because of finding it all so yucky- the porridge was awful and a broccoli and cheese soup possibly the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth! But then I got the hang of it and felt a lot better, even enjoyed some of it. I really love the porridge now- it took a while to get it baby-bear right, but now I have I couldn't be without. I had the soups for a while but have ditched them now. The tetras are a godsend and I also had them from week 1- nothing in the literature suggests that you can't and my CDC was happy too.
Anyway, hang in there- it does get better, you will get used to it and there's nothing wrong with sticking to what you like- I have two porridge a day!
Also, hang on for the mousse (fantastic) and bars (even better)- the variety is really helpful.


I've had tetras from my first week tto. I think your CDC may have crossed wires!

There are so many flavours please try theres bound to be one you like!


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Have you tried vanilla? It's my absolute failsafe- when I know I have to have one and just don't fancy it, with some ice I always, always enjoy it.
Also, have a go with some of the ones that aren't lactose-free (vanilla, choc, strawberry, butterscotch)- I found the lactose-free ones a bit funny tasting.
U need to get the tetras especially if your working they are a total godsend and the strawberry one is yummy! I too had them in my first week and had 3 a day and lost ten pounds so why your cdc is not giving you them i cannot understand! If i use any of the powdered stuff i.e porridge or soup i blend it so no lumps with a hand whisk. Also u can freeze the tetras and they make a really nice icecream/sorbet type thing which is great for bored watching t.v moments!

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