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New and on Day 1

Hi everyone!!!

Im new to the site and am on Day 1 of SS. I tried a month back and only lasted 2 days then HAD to eat something which threw me completely off the diet and I gave up!!!
I need to lose 4-5 stone (2 of which I hope to lose for Xmas) but I am finding it so hard!!!!
I dont know if Im made of the right stuff to complete this diet successfully, can anyone give me any tips? I only like the shakes and enjoy black coffee with 1 sweetner but I do struggle to have my 4 pints of water a day, especially now the weather is getting colder!!
Im desperate to lose the weight, but think I just need some support in this journey!

Thanks for reading, any tips appreciated

Amanda x
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welcome back hun
I struggle with my water but i am getting there I am around here most days so will look out for you I am sure you can do it if you put your mind to it good luck xx
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Hi plumjuice, welcome.

I am the worlds worst dieter, 1 day maybe upto 1 week and thats my limit, untill this diet.

It is amazing, i know it sounds strange but if you can stick to it for a couple of weeks and see the weight drop off, you will want to stick to it.

The water was an issue with me as well, i really hate water, ask you CDC for the water flavour, it make the water so much easier to drink its not a problem, have a pint with each meal and sip the rest through out the day.

i did 13 weeks and lost just over 4 stone and then i had 5 weeks off as i've been on holiday i started again last wednesday and lost 7lbs in 5 days, back on till christmas again and hope another 3 or 4 stone will be gone by then. I've gott 11 stone to go altogether so will be on here a while lol.

Good luck, we are always here if you need a chat. jane xxx
S: 17st11lb C: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.8%)
routine is key i was in the zone after a few weeks try not to fight it and its is hard but think of the end goal taht helps me when i am feeling down. I used the forum like a life line and it helped no end


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i drink water out of a sports cap i find it goes down easier than a normal water bottle top/ glass. and you can carry it around with you!
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me to kaf!
good luck amanda...im starting this sat, will be first time tho. Have made no plans 4 the wkend so i can just sleep if need be! We can do it!
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Hi Amanda i just wanted to say good luck with your weightloss. I restarted yesterday and so far so good. Like you i only like the shakes and the tetras. I would love to loose 6 stone in total. Am aiming for 3 stone by xmas. Good luck xx
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I have just seen my CDC for the first time and im just about to make my first shake. Im not good at sticking to diets but I really want it this time. I have two stone to loose and WILL do it by Christmas!!!
Thanks guys!!!
Day 2 nearly over and have felt better!!! Got a slight headache and feel soooo tired but looking forward to putting little man to bed so I can watch Eastenders and have a bath and go to bed!!!
Birthday tomorrow whoop whoop, no birthday cake for me though :(
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Good luck hun and welcome, im on day two restart, but cannot fall off wagon now orders of doctors cos I got gallstones, so if if i do will end up in hospital, good insentive, really looking forward to the challenge knowing I cant cheat and have to do it now. sooo day two in witchy's world of Cambridge.