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New and wanted to join you

Hi everyone
I am on my first day of Atkins, have done it before and (when stuck to) had good losses. My problem is i seem to get sick/bored quite quickly and give up. Have done a lot of research lately and it really does seem that low carb, however its done, works. Iam usually a weightwatchers avid fan and generally try to avoid carbs where possible but feel tired of floundering around and want to see some decent losses.
I have a 10 month old baby and put on a LOT of weight when pregnant, have lost 3 1/2 stone of the baby weight but would still love to lose 4 stone to get me to a healthy weight.
Just wanted to say hello and join you all!
So far today ive had:
Brek: 2 rashers of bacon and scrambeled egg
Lunch: Omelette with 1oz cheese, 80g mushrooms and 2 rashers of bacon.
Tea will be: Lamb chops and salad

I think in the past my downfall has been an attitude of, "ooh i can have fat/cheese/"Naughty things" and gone into overload. Then i sicken myself and cant stand the thought of more grease etc, so this time i am trying to think along more healthy lines, ie. not going over the top, just because i can. Hope this makes sense! Anyway sorry for rambling, look forward to getting to know you
Katy x
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Call me Linzi...
Hi TickleKate & welcome

Love the name!! Your story sounds very similar to mine, especially the weight gain in pregnancy & the failed attempts at Atkins before... I'm sure I used to drown myself in cheese, pork scratchings etc!!

Well done on your fab loss so far.. you've done brilliantly!

Look forward to hearing more about your journey. xx


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Hi Katy - nice to see someone on here in rainy teesside :D
Best of luck x
Thanks everyone for replying, made me feel all happy! haha.
Ditzeeblonde, can i ask how you are finding Atkins this time round? Looking at your losses youve done really well.

Also does anyone else drink diet coke? I love it and have a bit of a thing for it :p and just wondered if say one can a day would effect ketosis. I notice pepsi max has no carb in it and altho i know it can cause sugar cravings is there any other reason to avoid it? ie would it affect ketosis do you think?


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The citric acid in the coke can cause stall in weight and plus there is caffiene in them


Call me Linzi...

My heads in the right place this time which has helped hugely... don't get me wrong I still crave things now & again but I just remember how the carb hangovers feel & how tricky it can be to get back on track!!

I have just started having a pint of caffeine free diet coke at night but only b'coz I've usually had 4 lites of water by then & don't fancy anymore... I think its trial & error, try it (after yr first week) & see what happens!

It helps me get started on the water earlier the next morning too with it being a diuretic!
Coke zero is caffeine and citric acid free. Also I noticed that the Asda own brand caffeine free diet coke doesn't contain citric acid. I too am a lover of diet coke.
With the citrix and stuff it's suck it and see really, it affects some people and not others love.

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