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Quick&Painful said:
Hey queenie. Welcome on board. All the support you need is here!

Fire away with any questions....?

For me CD is amazing, I swear by it.
Hey there quick and painful :)

I'm in my first week and get weight tomorrow, question for you do you prefer SS or SS+? and is there much difference in weight loss?? I have 7 stone to loose :-(

Hey queenie
Welcome! I have only been on the plan nearly a week and so far so good although the first three days were hell !!!
Hey - I did ss two years ago at a start weight of around 12.10 and lost on average 4 lbs a week. Got down to 10.7, and maintained, in fact I lost a bit more via diet and exercise, anyway, quit smoking..... Need I say what happened next?

On Good Friday I started, this time on ss+ at 11. Honestly, it's looking like the same losses, in week 1 I lost 4lbs.... I then came off for a week because I had a virus and was on antibiotics, I gained 3lbs, then went back on from Monday and according to my scales this morning I have lost 6lbs.... My last WI was a day before Totm so expected a gain and loss of a couple of lbs for that. Official weigh in tomorrow.

Hope that helps. Stay strong, this is an amazing diet, it's tough, but it's worth it. Do whatever you have to do to stay on plan, personally I found this time It's been easier having a meal to look forward to. Just think, in 7 months it'll all be over, work it a stone at a time. I was big all my life, 13.10 at my heaviest, and honestly, CD is the best thing I ever did. X


Must do it this time
Hey queenie and :welcome: to minis.
Best of luck for tuesday you`ll do great.This diet is fab and it does exactly what it says on the tin.
The 1st 3 days are hard but stick with it and you will see great results at the end of the week.
When i 1st started cd i was really excited,dont know why as i wouldnt be eating anything :) but its what helped me get through.

Just drink your water and post on here as often as you need/like and the weight will fly off you.


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Thanks just the kind of advice I needed I'm doing ss but not sure I can do seven months of no food!!!
But i want to loose the weight quickly :) xx