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New baby, new house, new year, now its time for a new body!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by SallySunshine, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. SallySunshine

    SallySunshine Active Member

    I had my second baby 11 weeks ago (my eldest is 6). During my pregnancy I was determined not to gain much weight and I didn't, amazingly I was back in my pre pregnancy size 16 clothes a few days after giving birth and they were looser than before i was pregnant. Since then we have also moved house and had Christmas and new year to contend with - what I've been eating has been close to the bottom of my daily to do list and its been more a case of grabbing quick easy food when I have chance. I was last weighed 3 1\2 weeks ago when I was 12st 6lb which I was ok with but when I do my first weekly weigh in tomorrow morning i'm sure I will have put some on over the festive period (mainly thanks to celebrations, hero's and hotel chocolate!!!!).

    I am determine that I will reach my personal target weight of 10st 7lb by my 41st birthday in April (initially I didn't want to be "fat at 40" but being pregnant at the time that went out of the window) and I know that SW will work for me if I really put my mind to it because I have lost weight on the plan before.

    I have armed myself with Wii Fit and Zumba core games which I aim to do one of at least 5 days a week. I walk the school run twice a day and will be doing as much more walking as I can fit in.

    I am going to do my first weigh in tomorrow and will stick to SW as much as I can until Monday when I will be 100% SW.

    Looking forward to getting to know people on the site.
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  3. SallySunshine

    SallySunshine Active Member

    So, had my first weigh in today (on the Wii fit so not sure if 100% accurate but I'll be using it every week so my losses will be correct). To reach my target by my birthday I need to lose 2st 8lb in 14 weeks that works out at 2.85lb per week - its a very big ask but I will try my best.

    Restarted my ID on the Wii fit and came out with a Wii fit age of 39, 1 year younger that I really am so i'm very pleased with that - will have to see how low I can get it.

    I'm going to start an exercise log on here so I can keep track of what I've been doing.

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