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New Boy!

S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Hi, I have just completed my first week and I have lost 11 pounds:D

I am finding that I am very lethargic....is this normal??

Hopefully week two will be a bit easier and maybe I will stop dreaming about food, but that said I have not been hungry at all.

Any tips on how to avoid/control this terrible bad breath?

I have been reading the threads over this last week and they have definitely helped me.

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S: 16st5lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 3st4lb(20.09%)
Welcome Mikey, and well done on a great loss!!!

You may feel lethargic for a few weeks, but it does pass....
The breath is foul isn't it???!! lol... You can use listerine (original) mouthwash, and your chemist should have Nu Phar breath strips you can buy (£1.49 per pack in my chemist)

If that doesn't work you need a mask so you don't offend everyone you talk to!! lol

Good luck with LT


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G: 10st10lb
Well dun and welcome. I drink water to help with the breath but you can also buy the strips at the chemist they help loads too.

Good luck
S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Thanks Su,

A mask might be a good idea i think one of my boys still has his darth vader one around!

S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Thanks Lydia,
I did buy some of those strips tonight, hopefully that will help and I will raid the bathroom cupboard of the mouthwash and take that to work. All tips gratefully received.



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S: 15st8lb C: 12st7.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st0.5lb(19.5%)
Hi Mickey welcome and well done, what a great start to your jorney.
I also use the strips and spray. Good luck.


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done Mikey!
Once you've done week 2 you'll feel in the swing of it - Im on week 5 now and its all alot easier for me x
S: 24st3lb C: 20st13lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 3st4lb(13.57%)
First week is most differcult, but I found boredom a problem. I have never been hungry just missed the socialising during meals.

Bad breath, do not breath :) - oh I mean on other people.
S: 19st13lb C: 19st2lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st11lb(3.94%)
Thanks Moo and Big Kev,
This is the first day that I have not had a headache, and I can find the way to the toilet blindfolded!

I am like you Big Kev I miss the social side especially after work when the kids are all eating and want to know why daddy isn't. But it is because of them that I need to make this temporary sacrifice, which in the big scheme of things is nothing really.

It is also nice to know I am not alone on this journey....

S: 23st5.0lb C: 21st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 52 Loss: 1st10lb(7.34%)
Well done! And good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey! We're all here to moan to, laugh with and go a bit crazy - once your energy is back of course! Here's to being skinny!!! xxx
Hey Mikey,
Fantastic news on 1st WI. The first week is always the hardest....as the body adjusts.As you progress energy levels will get better...strip and mouthwash suggested by pharm will help and drinking loads of water!! Good luck....why not join the Nov Challenge in that way you'll keep going....helps me not to waver. :)


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S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done a fab loss in your 1st week! 11lbs is fantastic. You'll get into a rhythm with the diet soon enough, it'll be second nature. :) xxx

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