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New Challenge For Newbies

ooo im up for that!
im on day 3 at the mo
Ok MissChunkyMonkey. It might help us by giving support from each other. God knows I need it. IM ON DAY 2 AND NEXT DOOR IS HAVING A BBQ!!!!!!!!! STAAAAAARVING!!!
Must think skinny tho:)
ill join 2 im on day 5 so count me in :)
lol im hating my neighbours, nearly everyday they have a bbq and the smell is just yummy, it makes me want to bite off my arm and throw it at them!
do you have any newspapers....burn them in your back garden....soon gets rid of the bbq smell!
Ok Day 2 for me. Im going to put down my goals as well.

Start Weight - 15'7lb - heifer!!!!
Goal 1 - 15st

Just going to concentrate on that and getting through the first week.

Am sincerely praying for the miracle of ketosis :)

Drink loads of water it helps but NO more than 4 litres - it can be dangerous!!!

Drink loads of water it helps but NO more than 4 litres - it can be dangerous!!!

i always drink more than that and i have never had a problem.
Hi Justforme.

I was told that by my pharmacist. Im assuming she knew what she was talking about - well I would hope so:)

Anyone else know anything about this?



Full Member
i would have to move into the bathroom if i drank that much, im just managing about 2.5L a day and ive never stopped pee-ing lol
my woman said its if you drink too much too fast or something along those lines
lol i dont do it all at once...its spaced out throught the day. im up at 7 nearly every morning and im in bed 11.30 ish

plus i dont drink tea or coffee of any sort.

iv been doing it for months and im perfectly fine:D
Count me in

Hi I am half way through day 2, finding it not too bad, the hunger pangs only last a few minutes then die off for a while, I'm up for the challenge of a stone. x
hey steffie! welcome to the board
Hi Steffi

Yep on day 2 as well. Making steak and chips for himself and her. God they could use this as torture:)

Lashing back the water and green tea. Seems to be helping.
Only thing is the toilets become my new hangout. lol
Hi girls

Can I join the challenge aswell, I need the support. Currently on my 1st day, and finding it tough:cry:. The shakes tasted like something you drink from a old crust sock :eek: :9529:

Doesn't help that I was at work today and my work colleagues stuff their faces with cinnamon scones :copon:

Having nightmares about starting day 2, but just have to suffer it, if I want to get this extra weight off so I can be a skinny minnie :banana dancer:
Hey derrygirl, of course you can do the challenge!

The shakes get better, im on day 4 now and i actually look forward to having mine.

It does get easier as you go on! Day two was the hardest day for me but the next morning i had so much energy.

Stick to it and keep posting!
Wyelcome Derrygirl.

On day 3 now and feeling so much better. Have a good bit of energy too. Felt so weak and sick yesterday but didnt give in. Just treated myself to some pamper time and distracted myself from the hunger:)

It gets better and after a while you dont notice the taste. I suppose you get used to it.

I kind of want to hop on the scales but am slightly afraid too! May just wait it out
Thanks girls:grouphugg:

It's not going to bad today :eek: Was able to drink the choc milkshake this morning without dry heaving ;)

Going to stick this week out, can't wait to get weighed on Friday :clap:

Abit worry that I'm not drink enough water :confused: Trying to consume 2.5 - 3 litres but I'm getting there :rolleyes:

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