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New current pic up in the before and after thread...


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Size sort of 10 - mid July 2007

Me size 24 mid-August 2006

Well - whatever happens I am never going back there. Today is my 6 monthversary. Lok what you can get done in 6 months if you keep plugging away. I also (you won't believe this) cleaned my flat. It is clean! The floors aren;t sticky and I can invite people around without beig ashmed ;) who knows, I might even install my printer on my MacBook before the day is out!!!
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:clap:Cerrulean you look Fanbloodytastic!!! Well done you! You'll be Skinny Duck goes to Fat Duck. Let us know what it's like when you get there....

Mrs Lard

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Hi Sarah

Needed a break from...housework/paperwork/work! Popped in and look what I found! Is that THE DvF dress? It's gorgeous! You look stunning AND SO happy - an inner happiness. And check out those collarbones!!

Q: I have a question...how are the people around you (work colleagues, family, friends ie your immediate environment) reacting to this transformation? How are they responding to you? And final question, how tall did you say you are?

Well done!!!

Big kiss. Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx
Wowser!!! You look absolutely fantastic!!! What a transformation!!! Love the dress, it really suits you!

Very well done! :clap:
OMG:eek: you look fantastic...who would imagine you could attain so much in 6 months....not that you didn't look pretty before but wow what a head turner you are now.

Congratulations you have done great;) you're an inspiration to all who want to lose weight;)
:wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow:You look amazing well done :clap::clap::clap:
Come on I cannot be the only one to think that the cleavage is amazing!!! People pay for one as good as that girl! You look TINY! Weeny hips & beautiful collar bones! I'm SOOOO chuffed for you! As for being slim me thinks you ARE slim!!! How is the tummy skin going? My tummy has gone VERY odd!! The fat is, at last, shifting from it though!! Well done on cleaning the flat - feels much better doesent it! Was the dress expensive BTW?


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Size sort of 10 - mid July 2007

Absolutely stunning! Love the dress and mega congratulations on your six months anniversary:clap::clap::clap:
Wow, you look amazing and you're so beautiful (in both pics)!You have done such a fab job, i am truely inspired :) xx


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ISOM - if I posted pictures of my stomach people would be running screaming from this thread ;) - only kidding - but yes - it is having a wrinkly week. I really need the last stone to go before I make any judgements about how bad the damage really is - but I remain optimistic as my bum has stopped looking like it's escaping down my thighs so maybe my tummy will perk up too ;).

Mrs. L - I am just under 5ft 6. And yes, that is THE DvF dress.

As for the reactions from people around me - they go from incredibly supportive and encouraging to embarrassingly effusive (usually non-British colleagues). My close friends are cool about it - but ones who haven't seen me for some months react quite weirdly from almost saying nothing to exploding with WOW!s. To be honest it's a bit weird because I'm away from my family and people who have known me for more than a few years here in London so I haven't experienced a lot of the major reactions yet and my parents last saw me when I was a size 16 and about 13 and a half stone.

Slinky - I can't wait for The Fat Duck...(can you imagine asking Heston Blumenthal to make me a foodpack?) actually someone in my group ate at Gordon Ramsay a couple of weeks ago and there were two people in the party who had foodpacks (I hope he wasn't in the kitchen - can you imagine the swearing?)

I can't believe how quickly 6 months has gone...and how little there is left of my marathon journey to go. Thank you all so much for the hugely positive reaction!
Oh My GOD, I love that dress (what's DvF, by the way) - you look gorgeous in it! Well done on all that weight loss, as well as sticking to the plan x


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Diane von Furstenberg. A US designer who makes the most gorgeous wrap around and shirt dresses.

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