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The Challenge 4 stone in 4 months

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum, so just want to introduce myself and tell you my life long story with weight my problem.

I was pretty active as a child, riding my bike pretty much everywhere I went, living in the country my friends lived 2-3 miles away so riding that everyday kept me trim, however I think my problem with weight started when I got into the habit of having snacks when watching films in bed before I went to sleep, I think I was about 10 at the time when I started to do this, snacks later progressed into midnight feasts and I guess this is when I really started piling on the pounds.

I was wasn't really fat, just chubby I guess, I still used to ride my bike everyday so that used to burn some calories, All thought high school I stayed pretty much chubby but within my frame size but I guess the really problems started when I was 16, when I got a scooter for my birthday, instead of riding my bike I was driving everywhere, and It didn't help that fact that I got a job at Burger King as well, so after that I wasn't doing any exercise and eating junk food all the time finally reached my all time high weight of 16 stone.

A few years pasted, at the same weight and finally I decided enough was enough and I had to lose weight, I had tried diets in the past but never could stick to them. I think I was 21 at the time and decided to make it my new years revolution 2006/2007 to lose weight and by April I was down to 13 ½ stone from 16 stone.

I somehow lost track of my diet after that date, and mange to keep it off during the summer but once winter came I piled all the weight back on.

It really upset me to think all that hard work for nothing, so I'm back at square one again, not quite as high as 16 stone, I'm currently at 15 stone 7 pounds.

I'm hoping that in four months I will be able to lose 4 stone to get down to my goal weight of 11 stone 7 pounds. I thought I might keep a record of my diet progress as a way of helping me and with your support I think I might be able to achieve my goal.

I'm starting the diet tomorrow, Thursday 24th July. I'll be posting daily, with what food I have eaten, exercise I have done and what weight I have lost.........if any:sigh:

I remember someone once said to me, “It's easy to lose weight...........it's hard to keep it off”

Thank You


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Ah you've come to the right place, Arran! I am a relatively new member on this forum and already I feel welcomed and completely surrounded by helpful and supportive friends :)

Keeping a diary of what you eat each day is a good idea - it can help you to identify where you are going wrong and fix it. I also find that knowing I need to publish what I eat for all to see is a great motivation not to eat crap! haha

Welcome x
hi and welcome
if you maker smaller goals they are easier to achieve the longer it takes you to lose it the better as it helps to train your eating habits
hugs hugs and good luck

Thanks you for your posts.

So my first day of my diet, went quite well food wise, I didn't get time to get much exercise thou as I had to take the car to be serviced, Only managed a 15 minute walk with the dog. Not really had much hunger pains during the day, feeling pretty hungry now thou but I spouse after a few days, once I get into a routine, it will get better.

Day 1:


7am 2 Wheatabixs with milk
11am 1 Banana
2pm Pita Bread with Tuna, cucumber, onion, tomato and sweetcorn
4pm Yoghurt
6pm Pita Bread with Cottage Cheese, cucumber, onion, tomato and sweetcorn
10pm Apple

15 minute walk........will make up for it tomorrow thou!



2nd day...really didn't feel like eating today as it was too hot, managed to a banana and a yoghurt all day. It was too hot to exercise today.....gave the dog a 15 minute walk thou tonight when it cooled down a lil.

Day 2:


11am 1 Banana
2pm Yoghurt

15 minute walk



Bouncing back
Welcome to minis! As people have already said there's loads of support from other members on here, just what you need for encouragement. Are you following any specific diet?
Try not to weigh yourself too much... just once a week. And try to make smaller targets, it's less overwhelming and more achievable that way.
Good luck on your weight loss journey,



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:welcome: Arran,

Wishing you all the best on your diet journey!

Love Mini xxx


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Welcome to the site Arran :D:D:D

Looks like you've got a great routine going already and tons of determination!

Looking forward to reading all about your success.


Again thanks for your posts and support. Even if I only manage to lose 3 stone in 4 months, I'll still be happy, that's just my goal before I move back to England.

I'm not really following any diet, I've just picked the “good” foods I like and have 3 meals a day, Breakfast 7am, Lunch 1 pm and Dinner 5 pm followed by 2/3 snacks, Bunch 10am, Afternoon 3pm and late evening 7pm.

A snack is usually a piece of fruit or a yoghurt. I tend to only drink water as well and have diet coke as a treat now and again.

Excersie: Gonna start push ups and sit ups in the morning then go for a job after breakfast. It's too hot at the moment to but once it cools down I'll take the dog for a mid day walk after lunch. Btw I live in Spain and temps reach at least 35c during the day. At about 9/10ish go out for other jog or walk depending on energy levels and some more sit ups and press ups before bed.

These are the food I'm living on below. Once it cools down I'll will start to add in things like pasta with pesto, soup, chicken with veg etc as a meal.



Pita Breads

Yoghurt (Low Fat, 100 Cal per pot)
Cottage Cheese

Hummus (home-made)
Bran Flakes




Bouncing back
Even if I only manage to lose 3 stone in 4 months, I'll still be happy, that's just my goal before I move back to England.
I have pretty much the same goal... 4 stone loss by the time I go back to the UK to visit my family at Christmas (ok I have a month extra)!!!
I wish you all the luck in the world in accomplishing that goal.


Day 3 and Day 4........done really well, haven't got time to post what I have eaten, can't remember fully anyway but stuck to my normal diet routine!

I did have 3 spoons of Spag Bol thou with a pita bread oh and some cheese for dinner....but hey it's a treat!

Excersie, Saturday 1 hour dog walk and 30 minute speed walk!

Sunday 1 'n' half dog walk and just going for a 30 walk and 30 minute speed walk now!!!


Day 5 and 6.

Still sticking with it, but been really busy. I'll be able to post much better next week once everythings been sorted in my life lol

Fell over rock climbing on Sunday and cut me knee pretty badly, so can't walk for the next few days! So been doing no Excersie.


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