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New Diary - Liannioso


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Want to write down what I eat so that I can keep on track. I put 5lb on whilst on honeymoon and want to lost that and a couple of pound more. Currently 10stone 6 and want to be 9stone 10.

The plan of action is excercise 5 times a week and eat between 1000 and 1500 cals a day. Perhaps a little larger of an allowance on weekends

banana - 90
tub of salad - 90
breakaway 100
2 brown bread 200
soup 200
prawn taglitelli 500
choc ice 100

total cal =1280

Went over with a bag of malteasers but I did go to circuit training so all in all a good day.
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Thank you for the welcomes. Good luck to you both on your weight loss journey.

So yesterday I ate a packet of malteasers over what was indended but I did go to circuit training so think that burns about 500 cal.



2 x banana (180)
lunch soup and bread (400)
paella (550)
snack a jacks (100)
choc ice (100)

total cal 1380

1 hour step aerobics
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Welcome and goodluck CC'ing.


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Banana (90)
breakaway (100)
Soup (200)
Bread (100)
Pasta, chicken, tomato and mozarella (550)


No excercise today so keeping the cals low.

Didn't quite work to plan eeeek utterly dissapointed with myself! I had a magnum mini (don't know cal content) (guess 200) a picnic (250) and some olives (200)

So 1700 in total and no excercise! :(
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size 14 here I come
welcome :)


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As you can see yesterday didn't quite go to plan - ate my way through 1700 cals and did no excercise except walked the dog for half an hour.

Hopefully I can pull a bit of this back today:

2 x banana (200)
innocent veg pot (350)
beef madras and rice (1000)
mini nan (150)

totaling = 1700.

Circuit training for 1 hour - should burn 500 away.


fitball and 1/2 hour run. lots of wallpaper stripping.

haven't decided on food but will keep it sensible.

Sunday 1/2 hour run. Have friends coming over for food 3 course and a boozy night so Sunday is a wipe out.


Just thought I'd right this down so when I update on Tue I'll feel guilty if I have to add too much in. There is some method to my madness.
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arrghhhh I've gone off the diet too much over the weekend and am even struggling to get back into it today.

I've had

bread (50) ham (50) cheese (100)
6 x teacakes (300)
jacket potato (250) prawns and butter (250) = total guess.
that's already 1000.

my risotto which I had planned for this evening is (600)

I am going to circuit training later. Will this do(1600)?!
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Yesterday I had
2 x magnums eek 550
shredded wheat - 250
soup - 200
bread - 100
fish (80) mash (250) peas (30) tomato and parmeson (100)

total = 1560 and I did step aerobis for an hour which burns about 500 calories.


I'm going to rest up from the excercise today but will walk the dog for an hour to compensate.

breakfast toast - 100

Lunch (500) sandwich and crisps

Tea - Chinese noodle soup (500)

1100 (hopefully)
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I have two weeks to drop 4-6lbs to fit back into my wedding dress for my wedding party. I put on quite a few pounds on the honeymoon so Ideally I'd like to drop to 140lb which will be very difficult for me to do. So here goes:

2 x brown bread (200)
soup (120)
chickpea dahl (320)
rasberries (80)

total cal 720
thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow Sarah! I had a magnum last night bringing my calories up to 995. Pleased with that.


Banana (100)
spicy tomato soup (300)
banana (100)
fish (80) pasta parcels with ricota (300) tomato sauce (50) spinach (40)

= 1170

1 hour of circuit training

couple of hand full of doritos (oops) = 200?
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Thanks Ditzee!

I had a steak and mushroom lattice from marks and spencer (Yum) some chips and veg - I guess 1000 plus lemon merangue pie (400)

so that 1900 but did do a run so still should lose - fingers crossed

Today (Thu)

Sausage and bacon roll (700)
fisherman's pie (450) veg (100)
= 1250

no excercise today.

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