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New Diary - New plan - New me!!

S: 19st10lb G: 10st0lb

I wasn't really sure where I was going to put this as I am not following any specific weight loss plan - I have tried them ALL, Cambridge, WW, SW, RC and I'm sick of them all!

I have decided to be sensible - I have joined a gym, I have seen my GP who has prescribed me orlistat and I am going to have 3 healthy low fat meals a day with fruit as snacks..

I wasn't sure about the orlistat at first but I'm using more of a deterrant because I know if I splurge or fall off the diet wagon I have the very real risk of pooing myself - that'll keep me on it!:D

I have a huge amount of weight to lose and I'm starting now!

Breakfast today - Cereal + ss milk
Went to gym - 45 mins
Mid morning snack - fresh berry selection...
lunch will be shortly - ham + salad sandwich on wholemeal bread

Also trying to up my water intake - not done too well on that yet.:copon: note to self drink drink drink

If anyone reads this :wavey:If not it is a good place for me to keep track.

here goes the diet wagon...hold on tight!!
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hi , welcome to minis, good luck.xx


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Just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself! I don't post on here too often, I usually read everyones else's threads and get inspired by everyones success and of course can relate to everyones weight loss struggles!

Like you, I have tried every diet known to man! And the result is that I'm still overweight and fed-up! I decided a week ago to ditch the faddy diets and just eat small, healthy, regular meals and burn as much calories as I can everyday by going to the gym, walking and doing aqua aerobics 2-3 times a week...so far it's working and I've lost 7 lbs since last week! Yay! I started at 14 stones and I'm now 13.7 and I don't intend on stopping until I reach my goal of 11 stones!

So, good luck and stay on that wagon! You sound like you're ready and in the zone! You'll do brilliantly, just think in just a few months you will feel like a totally different person! Note to myself: must follow my own advice!

I'm taking Alli which is similar to orlistat isn't it? Just a smaller dose? It has defo made me stay on track as I know that the symptoms are quite unpleasent when I don't...one word...yellow! Right too much info!

Good luck and look forward to seeing your progress on here!
S: 19st10lb G: 10st0lb
Thank you for your replies. you are right Alli is 60mg of orlistat whereas the prescription dose is 120mg - I looked at Alli but getting it from my GP costs £7.20 a month as opposed to £50 or whatever the alternative is!!

Yesterday finished well, I had a 'healthy living' meal from tescos which was chicken, new potatoes, carrots and green beans in gravy - lovely and only 11g of fat (safe- lol) and then we went swimming for 40 minutes then did a 55 minute session of aquaaerobics - it was the first time we've been and my girlfriend has woken up very sore this morning, so we've decided to have today off exercise - back to the gym tomorrow though! After the gym I was STARVING lol and so I came home and had a small egg white omlette and salad (fat free) to stop me getting any silly ideas of snacking...


Breakfast - cereal+ss milk
Lunch 2 quorn burgers with salad and wholemeal roll.

Not sure about dinner today but I'm working a night shift :( so will have to be careful - night shifts generally involve chocolate crisps and occasionally takeaways - hopefully it will be busy and nobody will have time to break out the food!!

Also had a smear test (tmi sorry) today which normally would have been an excuse to have a 'treat' - whenever I did something I didn't want to do I would eat something very bad - how odd that my idea of treats is to further compound my biggest problem :(

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