New Food Diaries


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I am confused....I got a new pack last night as I decided I really should and there are new food diaries in there, the problem is that I do original & green days not EE and the new diaries only have space for one a choice and one b choice and then I have to list the superfree & free foods differently (that I can handle) should I be asking for a different food diary now then or are they sticking with the new format? It's weird, my b choices have changed too, I have always had 1 weetabix & 4 scan bran but now it is 1 Weetabix & 2 scan bran instead.
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If I've done red or green, I've just noted my 2 HeAs and 2HeBs in the space allowed.

It does smack a bit of them expecting you to do EE ands grudgingly accepting people may still want to do red and green.

Not sure on the weetabix/scan bran front though. If it has changed then it goes to show that we ALL may need to be double checking what we're having.


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think i am going to get the new book tonight but then as oh says if it aint broke why fix it but i thought scan bran was only half a syn


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I asked for the old sheets to do green with :)


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Remember that part of revamping SW on a regular basis is to make more money out of us/drawing in the crowds etc (don't take this personally SW, I love you to bits- you're the best thing since sliced bread- wholemeal of course!!) Of course the other reason for revamping is to use research to make the plan healthier!! Remember years ago tinned macaroni cheese was free on green and corned beef was free on red! Not the case now because they are pushing the healthy eating so much more, but people still had fantastic results back then eating copious amounts of such things- I remember my Mum being very successful on it! So I agree with the 'if it aint broke don't fix it' theory! It's also important to go with what you're familiar with and if it works for you, great! X


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You could always try and get hold of an old style food diary and make tons of photocopies so you never run out! Keep one blank one for future photocopying!!X