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New Food Diary and New to SW!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by snackattack, 6 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. snackattack

    snackattack Member

    I'm only on day one of SW so thought I'd start as I mean to go on and post my food diary. It's easy to miss a syn here and there so seeing it in black and white should help me keep track - fingers crossed! :)

    I'm still getting to grips with the plan so hopefully this is ok (although seems like loads of food!)........

    Breakfast: 2 x Dry fried eggs with baked beans and dry fried mushrooms.

    Snack: Mini baby bell lights HEA, 2 pieces of melba toast 1SYN and sliced tomato. Plus an apple.

    Lunch: Wholemeal pasta salad+Salmon HEB with dressing made from 1 tbsp extra light mayo and 1 tsp of horseradish with black pepper (this made 2 portions so I guessed at 1SYN)

    Later I'll have

    Dried Apricots HEB and a muller light.

    Dinner: Vegetable chowmein (from Green Day recipe) with quorn.

    I'm off to an adult disco dancing class tonight so might have a curlywurly with my syns as a treat. :D

    I don't eat meat although I eat fish so everyday will probably be a green day.
    This is such a great forum for SW newbies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone to do really well so good luck :girlpower:

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  3. sarahandmolly

    sarahandmolly Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    Hello :wavey: and welcome to SW (and the forums!)

    Your menu sounds nice. Well done and Good Luck xx
  4. snackattack

    snackattack Member

    Thank you! xx

    Day one was really good although I have to fight the little niggle from counting calories over the years that tells me I can't lose weight eating this much. I really love that I can't just eat rubbish as when I used to calorie count I'd rather just eat sugary things than make a proper meal. Hopefully SW will knock that out of me :)

    I stuck to my food diary yesterday although a big part of that I think is down to the fact that I only have one pair of work trousers that fit me now and they are in danger of bursting at any moment lol :sign0007:

    Food today is going to be:

    Breakfast - scrambled egg with milk HEA and baked beans.

    Lunch will be the same as yesterday as I'll be finishing up the salmon pasta.

    Dinner - I think I'm going to try a risotto from last months magazine so should be free unless I have a little bit of cheese.

    Snacks will be Muller light, fruit and then a treat for this evening.

    Hoping to cram in some exercise later but I flatshare so I don't fancy prancing round the living room to a DVD if people are home!

    Hope everyone is having a good day xx
  5. snackattack

    snackattack Member

    Day 3 and still woohooing at being able to eat like a normal person. Weigh day is Monday so hopefully I can make it through Easter without too much of a slip up. Does anyone save up their syns for the weekend and does it affect weightloss? I find it easier to stay on track during the week and then not so easy when I'm out having cocktails on a Friday!

    Breakfast - Shredded Wheat HEB +Soy Milk HEA

    Lunch – Veg ravioli +jacket potato +salad with X L Mayo 1SYN
    1 low fat cadbury's mousse+coffee with 2 sugars 5.5 SYNS

    Dinner Free veg risotto from last night +salad and cheese HEB

    Snacks today – Fruit, Muller Light, LF Cottage cheese + 1 mini milk 1.5SYN

    Out tonight rehearsing so won’t have any time to pick thank goodness although that means no exercise either. I just bought a yogalates DVD to do in my bedroom so that I have no excuse. Has anyone found a good yoga dvd or anything that would help with flexilbility as I can't touch my toes.... :ashamed0005: at 27 that's a bit embarrassing.

    Hope everyone is having a good day and enjoying the sunshine xx
  6. snackattack

    snackattack Member

    First hard day!

    Up until now I've found SW quite easy and enjoyable. Have a hectic day today working til 5.30 and then gigging from 6 onwards so feel like I've had no time. Food today is a bit all over the place and not as many veggies as i would like so think I'll have to try to eat some more fruit on the go. I'm out tomorrow night so was hoping to be good today and relax a bit more tomorrow night. Will see what happens.....

    Breakfast - Realised I had no eggs so 28g Honey and Nut Shredded Wheat HEB plus a muller yoghurt.

    Lunch - Realised I'd left my bake potato in the fridge at home (you can see how this day is going!) so nipped to the local shop and grabbed a Bachelor's pasta instead as i'd read on here they are free. Had that plus a curlywurly (6.5 SYNS) and don't feel too great now. The pasta tasted nice but I don't do too well with processed foods so am feeling a bit sluggish now.

    Dinner - I did remember to pack some rice and veggies to eat before I leave tonight so that will be my tea. I'll add some l/f cheese as my HEA.

    Will try to snack on fruit but having one of those days where I just want to curl up on the sofa with hot chocolate and marshmellows :)

    If I don't post before Sunday, Happy Easter to everyone.

    Weigh day for me is Monday so can't go too mad eek!

  7. B.M.

    B.M. Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi snackattack, welcome to SW and the forum :), you seem very motivated and your eating plan looks good (make sure you eat enough fruit, too)

    Good luck on your weight loss journey ;)
    B. xx
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