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New Goal as going so well!!

So when I first set off on this weight loss journey, I didn't want to stretch myself too much and feel a failure before I'd begun.
But...well...I'm finding it so easy now, that I have actually decided to change my goal to one that brings my BMI into the "normal" zone.
Having said that, if I feel that I'm happy when I reach a size 16 then that is where I will stay, but I suppose I realise now that loosing so much weight is not impossible.
I feel great and I have only lost 25 pounds, so onwards I go...:17729:
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Thats great - well done you. It feels really nice once you start getting somewhere doesn't it!
Wahey, well done!!!

I'm also thinking about re doing my goal. I started at 17 stone on weight watchers. Joined Slimming world at 15,11. I'm currently 14,13 and originally planned to be 13 stone, but thinking that maybe i'll be ambitious and aim for a BMI of 22 and be 12 stone. 5 stone to lose seems such a lot of weight, but hopefully it'll be manageable if I focus on 1 stone at a time!

I just got down to 10.11 (weigh in today) and my BMI is now 24. I am in the health zone! :)

And, I just want to keep going, it feels so good to be slimmer! Now, if only I could erase the other damages caused by time and 2 kids.
I looked up healthy BMI's when in work yesterday and apparently my lowest possible weight is 10 stone!! for some reason that has really depressed me. I thought 12 stone was going to be damn hard, now when I see really I could actually be a size 10 again I think what is the point? So my actual goal should be around 11 stone and then i'd be looking absolutely stunning. But another 5 stone to lose from now. Is that even actually possible and how bleeding long would that take!!

Feeling majorly down, thought I was doing well and now I feel crap

You are doing majorly well. Just starting is doing amazingly, because you have taken the step to a healthier you. And it is doable. Besides, just cos some dr somewhere decided you culd be a size 10, would you want to be? I am aiming for 10 1/2 in the end. My target is lower so that when I start to maintain I can come up a bit without panicking. I think size 10 would be too skinny for me!
I think me at a size 10 would be tiny! I'm nearly 6 foot 2 and size 10 trousers are so small I don't even know if my hips with no flesh on would fit in them lol. Would be amazing but I don't see it happening. Just gutted that even losing another 3 stone to be 12 stone still means I could have more weight to lose!!!

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