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New Group - Ten Month Target, all welcome!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by xMandyDx, 20 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    Hi guys and gals,

    Just thought I would let you know that I've recently set up a new group called Ten Month Target for anyone determined to be at target weight by the end of the year. Although, in fairness, if you think it'll take longer to get to target, but are willing to put in 100% days every day (apart from specified days "off" for special occassions, more info in group on this), and are willing to share your food diary, and body magic diary for the day, please do feel free to check it out.

    There are specific topics in there, like the food and body magic areas, there's general chit-chat and motivation topics, along with others, and I'm always looking for new topic ideas to add to it!

    And for those of you who maybe didn't even know "groups" existed on here, click on the "community" link in the blue banner near the top of the page, which will give you a link to them.

    We'd love some new company, and the more the merrier!
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  3. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Great Idea., have joined but is there any way to view it on the app? My phone plays up when I view it online and I cant reply anything longer then a couple of sentences.. I don't have the internet wet hone so can't view it on laptop.. Ill be gutted if not Cos I won't be able to join in :(
  4. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    I'm not sure actually... I'll d/l the app and have a fiddle about!
  5. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

  6. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    I would like to join please. I think 10 months will be just enough to see me at target.
  7. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    Lovely! Great to have you Judi! I've now approved your request, so take your time and have a good look around, and then we can get down to the nitty gritty haha
  8. _Princesa.

    _Princesa. Full Member

    i need to make 50 posts before i can join any of the groups! :(
    i'd love to join though as this would be great motivation for me!.
  9. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    In the meantime, Princesa, you could join in the other threads here :)
    There's games threads as well if you fancy a bit of entertainment!
    The fifty post rule sucks lol
  10. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    No luck for me then:( Nevermind. Thanks for looking. I can view soft easily but not reply so easily! Will pitch in when I can and keep up to date tho. Great group xx
  11. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    No worries, Clover... I'm sure we can chat just fine in the regular threads, anyway! :D
  12. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Sounds like a great idea! I have two to two and a half stone still to go. Will pop over and have a look :)
  13. cindersmcphee

    cindersmcphee Full Member

    Sounds fantastic. I need all help I can get. Started back today after being off diet for ages and heaviest I have been for a long time.
  14. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    You're both very welcome Patchwork and Cinders! We can all encourage each other along!

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