New here and need motivation - what works for you?

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  1. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Hi everyone
    Glad I found this forum. I live in Canada and am trying to take off unwanted pounds. I can't keep on the see-food diet forever (although it is tasty!). I started Jan 6, 2014 doing the Low G.I. diet and after 1 week lost NOTHING. Not happy about that and it killed any motivation I had, but I have been journalling and looked back over it and have noticed my wayward ways. I am about to restart and correct my flaws, the major ones being I wasn't drinking almost any water, and I have to stop eating out. I am not in the habit of drinking much water and don't like drinking water unless I am thirsty. Going to have to somehow correct that for sure! I have made a thread of my weight loss journey over in the Low G.I. Diet sub-forum and hope to restart really soon-maybe tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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  3. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Full Member

    Welcome to the website and forum Cate. Yes water is SO important. I find when I think I'm hungry, I ask myself 'Am I hungry? Or Thirsty?' Most of the time, I'm actually thirsty so I drink my water and it usually takes the hunger pangs away.
    Mind you, it is easier for us Men to drink the water! :)
  4. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Yes it is easier for you men. You are lucky. My hubby just cuts down on his food intake and he loses easily. Oh well, I will try to get in my water as I restart my Low G.I. diet today.
  5. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Welcome!! :)

    Never heard of the GI Diet, might have to have a look into that.

    As said above, water is a big big must in your daily diet, it helps loads although it can of course get boring so I also have some glasses of lemon water throughout the day and if I want a cup of tea I have green tea as it's meant to keep your metabolism going.

    If you're like me and prone to snacking then celery is a good food to keep at hand. I'd really like to find some other things I could eat when the snack cravings come on, apart from drinking water and celery. I'm a bit of an amateur with dieting so I'm not the best for motiviation and ideas lol...but it seems like there's a lot of information on here to help us with the tips we need.
  6. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    Yes, I must keep on the water. I have been for the last 3 days and will try to keep drinking! For snacks, I found a small protein bar named believe it or not, 'Oh Yeah'. They are almost as good as eating a chocolate bar like Oh Henry, or the old Sweet Marie bars (I don't think they make them anymore). Here is some information I posted from their website which I found from entering Oh Yeah into Google search. Oh, and these are DELICIOUS!!

    The OhYeah! Good Grab bar is just like the original, only smaller. It’s not a less powerful, so-called “lite” version, but rather a smaller, portion-controlled version modeled after the original trusted recipe. The OhYeah! Good Grab bar combines maximum indulgent taste with pure hunger satisfaction.

    At just 190 calories, 15 grams of premium protein and only 4-5 grams of sugar, OhYeah! Good Grab is just the right size for calorie-conscious consumers. Simply put, it’s smarter snacking made simple.
    - See more at: Good Grab Bars (45g) | OhYeah! Nutrition

  7. AngelWings

    AngelWings Professional Sky Dancer

    Haha-- "see-food" diet... yes, I used to be on that one, too. ;)

    Eating out has been a major problem for me. I notice when I stop giving into temptation and swerving away from the Drive-Thrus, I do much better.

    Anyway welcome to the site from one newbie to another! :)

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