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New here, may need help!

Hi everyone, new to this forum and may need some help as computers just aren't my thing! Have been doing Lipotrim on and off for a while and have managed to loose 2 and a half stone so far, but was really struggling with the shakes as I only liked the chocolate ones. Have just finished my first week on CD and lost 6lbs, well chuffed. Have been lurking on the forum reading post all week and you all look like you're doing well, hope I can do the same. Going to spend the rest of the night on here, to see if I can work this damn technology out!;) Ooh that seemed to work!
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Must do it this time
hey hun and welcome to minis,
i too was completly computer illiterate when i joined but its fairly easy to make your way around after a while,
congrats on the loss great job,
elaine x


Laugh in the face of food
Hiya hun welcome to CD :D and congrats on your losses so far. There's always someone on here to help:gen147:, if you get really stuck theres also tutorials on the blue menu bar at the top - I used them to get to know my way round here.:wavey:


Must do it this time
Thanks Elaine, much appreciated, there's hope for me yet! I have to say you are doing amazingly well, has it been hard to keep going for all those weeks?
thanx hun,
i have to say that when you get stuck into cd and your heads in the right place then you (well me)can sort of feel like there is no effort involved in losing the weight(thats when alls going swimmingly).
the flavours are alot better on cd so i hear so you can have more variety.it also helps when you have an incentive(mine was my 1st holiday in 6 years).
just post on here alot and drink as much water as you can and you`ll do great,
elaine x


Laugh in the face of food
Did you go into Edit Signature? You need to copy the code from the ticker website and paste it onto your signature page by going into edit signature. Give me a yell if it's still not working. x
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Step4: Now you need to fill out your information, nothing too hard, just some info about your current weight, your goal weight, start weight etc. I filled it out with some example weights.

Step5: This page shows you a preview of your ticker, you can modify the ticker if you dont like anything and just repeat the steps above. More importantly is the box below, with some wierd looking text.

Step6: This code you need to put into your signature, make sure its the BB Code and not anything else as the BB Code is the only one that will work. To copy the text, this is the simplest and best way. Simply right click inside the box, a menu as shown below will appear. Click "Select All".

Step7: Now, the text is selected you need to copy it. Again right click in the box (the text should remain highlighted like below). Then click "copy".

Step8: Now go to MiniMins.com (www.minimins.com) you need to put this text into your signature. Click UserCP which in the blue bar at the top on the far left. Then you will see a menu on the left side of the screen under the blue bar. Click "Edit Signature" You should see something similar to below. Right click in the box and a menu will appear. Click Paste.

Step9: You should see the code in the box as in the picture below. Be sure to click Save Signature.

Step10: After you click Save Signature, you will be brought back to your UserCP, click edit signature and you will be able to see a preview of your signature as seen in the picture below.

If you have done some posts before setting up your signature for the first time they will NOT show your ticker. However all new posts from the moment you setup your ticker you will see your signature under your

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