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New here, new start Hi all

Hello every one i'm new here, been reading through the online diaries to get inspiration I am currentli 14 stone 7, 5ft 7 tall the biggest i've ever been. I went to SW groups a few years ago at 13 stone and managed to loose a bit but working full time meant I couldn't get to group.
I have now decided to do Slimming World extra easy at home .
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Thank you imloosingweight for taking the time to reply :) Well I got through Easter without eating an egg so willpowers working at least. Good luck with your weight loss too, this site looks to be a great place for moral support.
Back again :( Now working from home . I now weigh 14stone 12 after getting down to 13st 5 last year by doing 16:8 . I have brought a twist and shape which looks fun. Brought an exercise bike at the beginning of lock down but never used it after the first few weeks.
I really struggle to loose weight now I am older plus doing an office based job at home sitting down for 10 hours a day I struggle to get motivated.
This year has been horrendous for every one I know. My Dad is palliative ,only found out a few weeks back plus he lives quite a few hundred miles away so tempted to comfort eat.
My downfall is wine the weekends then I eat rubbish . The twist and shape comes with a diet sheet for the first two weeks determined to try it starting from Monday. I thought if I came here and started a diary it would help me stick to it. In my twenties through to my 30s I weighed 9st 7 at the most but my family were young.
I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you guys .Pretty tired and have to be up to start work at 8am tomorrow . I will read through some of the diaries tomorrow evening then start logging my food from Monday
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Morning Sharon it's great that you are back. What a year it has been for everyone. I agree about sitting all day when working from home, ive been in my home office since mid march and yep you dont move about hslf as muchbas when in your workplace.
Hi Tipp , I've just finished reading your diary :) I have really enjoyed it.You pack a lot in your days. Good luck with the new job by the way hope it's a lot less tedious than the current one.
I work four days a week 8 to 6pm but I then have 3 days off per week which is good.
Well I did it, got up earlier than normal Monday morning had my first black coffee of the day then spent 10 minutes on the Twist and Shape did I ache afterwards. Had another black coffee and a bowl of overnight oats with blueberries and a kiwi. I struggled to eat first thing got into the habit of not eating til lunch time with the 16:8 diet. Drank loads of green tea and water for the rest of today.
Lunch was half a bagel with scrambled eggs followed by watermelon .
Finished work at 6 ,cooked 4oz chicken a cup full of brown rice , spinach and baby tomatoes .
Today added in some dumb bell exercises with weights I brought in the summer last year from Paper Tiger and forgot I had them, couldn't even do the walking lunge ,can not believe how unfit I have become :(
Today had the same breakfast as yesterday , one slice of wholemeal bread with a scraping of lite mayo, 2 slices of turkey ham , tomatoe, Cucumber and a cube of chedder for lunch . Then my daughter sabotaged me by getting her partner to drop round a spag bol pasta bake , two mince pies and a can of coke zero for me. Determined to cut out carbonated drinks.
Hoping I can stick to the exercise and diet this time, it is so much harder when you are older I have such a sweet tooth so really trying to cut out desserts .Green tea really helps to curb my appetite which is a good thing.
Off to read a few more posts.


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Thanks Sharon, the old job only became tedious due to working from home and not engaging with the public all day.
I never was one for carbonated drinks but lately ive been having sparkling water with ginger and lime, or some mint or even rosemary added to it. Would that be a possible alternative for you?
Woke up this morning with stiff legs , no exercise today :( I do like fizzy water Tipp I may try that thank you .
Had a crafty weigh in this morning, 14st10 so small loss. Breakfast was usual overnight oats with kiwi and blueberry and black coffee. Lunch time was one slice of wholemeal toast, avacado, scrambled egg and a tomato. Dinner ramen noodles, cooked chicken, spinach and baby toms. Snacks today were a banana, tangerines and an apple.
Need to pair my Fitbit back up with my mobile so I can log my food on there too.
Lots of changes with work today new processes been put in place, trouble is we just get used to them then it's all change again!! Quite stressful but at the same time today flew by.
I need to up my water in take too. In the office I used to drink loads of water at home I tend to stick to Green tea or black coffee.