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new here

hi my name is nafisa, am new here. i tried slimfast a few moths ago did good for a whole week and then in a moment of weakness it all went downhill. Tried after that to eat healthy which is easier said then done so that also didnt work for me so its round two on slimfast, very determined to stick with it this time around. i am hoping that this forum will keep me motivated and make me think twice the next time i feel like wandering. i personally found the slimfast diet convenient but very boring also sometimes left me hungry. i weight 16.9 stones so really need to lose weight coz im only 22 and the weight has began to affect my health. so i would just like to say hi to everyone else who is trying to lose weight and hope that we can support each other through
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sisters of slim
hi nabz13 and welcolme ,if you can stick to slimfast you are getting all your vitamins and minerals and after 14 days or so your body gets used to it so good luck and heres to the new you, angie and josef x
ps i have lost -49 and my son josef -42 in 6 months
Hi there, all the best on your new start. Get drinking water to help fill you up a bit too. I am nearing the end of my first week and have found it hard at times. I am a similar weight to you and it is so hard being bigger isn't it. Can't wait to be a slim bird lol
thanks everyone, well i finally got started thought id wait till monday but thats never a good day for me always fail when i start a new diet so thought why wait might aswell get started. not too bad a start so fingers crossed i get through the first week hopefully after that i'll be used to less food. well 1 day down still many left to go.
Hi nabz, and welcome to Minimins! Good luck on the diet! I haven't followed a particular diet myself, but I can imagine that getting through the first few days are the worst. With some determination you'll get through it and get used to it, and when you start seeing the weight coming off and noticing a difference you will be motivated to just keep on going! Remember to use this site lots though...being surrounding by others all in the same situation is great, and the support you can get from the fantastic people on here is invaluable!
Well done squidg your weight loss is amazing and inspirational you've made me think twice about this tube of smarties staring at me ^.^ thanks

Lissy xx
thanks squidgster, congratz on the amazing weightloss so far, seeing your success gives me hope
Well done squidg your weight loss is amazing and inspirational you've made me think twice about this tube of smarties staring at me ^.^ thanks

Lissy xx
Thanks both of you! It's taken me quite a long time so far, but has been surprisingly easy. The main thing for me food wise is being aware of what I am eating (in terms of calories and fat mainly) and trying to eat a little bit less. I have cut nothing out at all, so enjoy the odd takeaway, biscuit, desert etc now and then (actually, pretty often...:rolleyes:) . Have combined this with regularly using an exercise bike, and the weight has come off fairly consistently without too much hassle! As impressive as some of the 'proper' diets are, I'm glad I tackled it this way, as it's been more of a lifestyle change - and one I know I can maintain.

Anyhoo, good luck guys. The early days are the hardest, as you don't notice much of a difference and it's hard getting used to doing things differently. As time goes on it definitely gets easier, and seeing the weight on the scales going down (however fast or slowly) is a great feeling. And if I can do it, anyone can!

Squidge xxx

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