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New house, Tim Minchin, 5lbs, and back to SW!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah I feel great today. We are settled into our new house, toddler loves it all apart from his bath but that's for another forum! Lol. After September and a bit of October off plan, on plan, off, on, off etc etc blah blah... today is THE day that it's all back on track! I've been on here twice saying that I have started fresh but failed the very same day and gone off track again... but today I have waited all day (incase today was another blip) to announce it to the world (well, you lovely people on here!) that I'm officially back on plan!! Woop!! Day 1, in a few hours will be over, and I'll go to bed feeling fab ahh...

Also I had my first night off since our toddler (nearly 18months) was born! We went to see a comedian called Tim Minchin! He's hillarious. That night off has helped my stress levels no end!!

Since 5/6weeks have passed I have gained 5lbs :eek: but that's ok, the stress of moving is over, and I can rectify this damage easily :) ...and with a little help from you Minimins. Xxx
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Julianne glad your back and the move is over. Moving is a nightmare and I would be suprised if anyone could manage that as well as staying on the plan 100%. They would be some kind of saint. Well done for today, and realy glad to hear that you had some time out us mums need to take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to take care of everyone else!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah thanks! We've moved to a new town so everything is new for us! It's great and we're happier as a result of moving which is helping me stick to this now yay. Did I miss much?? Xx


I can do this............
Welcome back julianne! Hope your first day went well and you have a good loss on your first weigh in!! x
heya hun welcome back and good luck with the weight loss. Glad you are all settled in your new home thats great :)

ooooooh Tim Minchin I LOVE HIM he is hilarious! Saw him a couple times now once in the middle of the very front row :D it was awesome apart from being that close to his bare feet (i HATE feet lol)

Best of luck staying on track I am in a similar predicament been losing and gaining the same couple pounds for weeeeeeeeks now argh :(




Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oh I love him, we were up in the balcony/circle of the place we saw him. Ugh he's rather pleasing to the eye aswell ;) I wouldn't like to be in the front row for fear of being dressed as a bear and made to dance lmao. Though there would be oportunity for me to jump him! Haha! Aaaanywho...

FOCUS indeed... funny how motivation and willpower can come and go so easily... we'll get there in the end eh. Xx
Welcome back Hun!! As you have said...you can loose those few pounds in no time. Moving can be really stressful, I know we did it last year!

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