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New(ish) to SW and have a few questions

Evening all,

Ive recently started on the SW diet but i'm struggling for ideas. Can anyone help me with the following questions please!?

1) What sort of things can I have for breakfast? Ive been eating Weetabix but do I have to count them as syns?

2) I have a 'desk-lunch' so what sort of things can I eat that is quick and easy to do for lunch times?

3) What kind of things, apart from fruit, can i snack on?

4) Are there any sauces that can be classed as free?

Sorry for the questions but im still getting the hang of it. I havnt joined SW just trying to do it by myself.

Thanks for looking :)
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Can help with a couple of those

1) i got a recipe for a kind of free porridge. Cook pudding rice in water for about 20 mins and mix in a muller light. Can be eaten warm in morning and cold later (if you make too much) - nice with the vanilla muller that had choccie bits in it.

2) Desk lunch - all in the preperation. Try some of the SW 'quiche's' - lovely cold as well as heated. Sandwiches made with HEB and maybe a syn free filling (sainsbury egg mayo bgty sandwich filler)

3) Snack on anything free. Red day - ham/chicken etc. Green day - mugshots/muller etc

4) What sauces you mean
Thats actually really helpful! Thanks!

Just some sauce or side dip to go with an evening meal.

So I can have toast for breakfast and not feel guilty about it?

Also, I know I can drive diet drinks like coke etc and water, but what else can I drink? Orange juice?

Cheers for your help :)
I know you're said you're going it alone, but have you got anything for reference? Old books? Anything?

I'd advise just going to class to get all the stuff, if nothing else. Otherwise you'll be doing a lot of guesswork and chances are you'll get frustrated and give up...and we wouldn't want that to happen!

You'll get loads and loads of great advice on here. If you've got questions, they've probably been asked before. Have a search on the site up there *points to top right of screen* and pop in your query. You'll likely find an answer.

You can have diet pop, sugar free cordials, not fruit juices no...they're syns.

With your toast, you have to count it as a 'healthy extra' and you need to make sure it's certain types of bread. Some are syns, and different sizes are different allowances. But yes, you can have it without feeling guilty!

Don't want to put you off doing it, not at all! But really advise getting some reference material :)
Hiya Hellie, thanks for that.

I have the Slimming World Free Food book but that only really has recipies in it (which is great dont get me wrong!) but doesnt tell you much about what snacky foods etc you can have.

Must admit I have been sneeking around the forum for a while and it is very good, so thanks to everyone who has posted question and given answers as it's really helpful!

Oh, and i cant wait to try these legendary SW chips ;)
mmmmmmmmmmmmm chips......... I drown mine in pickled onion vinegar and a bit (hmm a lot lol) of salt mmmmmmmmm
Well i am constantly hungry. I seriously am a horse. I eat and eat and eat. I have 4 potatoes as chips as asnack and i have eaten tons and am fancying a noodle snack now as well. If you are hungry EAT lol. Trust the diet :) - can't believe i am saying this as week one i was convinced it could not work ha ha now my neighbour and mum in law come to my meeting


yo-yo dieter no more!
I'll be honest, I think you will struggle only having the free food book! I think it would definitely be worth your while joining a class, even if it is only for the first week to get the books!
I have fruit and yogurt for breakfast, fruit for snacks (occasionally some ham or laughing cow lights), then in the evening I use my Syns for a curly wurly and a bag of french fries!
Mustard and soy sauce are free!

If you haven't got the books are you aware of the importance of HEXA and B? And do you know what you can have for them?

Good luck:)
Cant say I know what HEXA and B's are........ :(
Mum has all the books, will get them off her on sunday.

I only started SW three days ago but was doing the Atkins diet previous (since september) so im always feeling bad when eating carbs. Obviously because im eating carbs again im putting weight on at the moment, but how long do you think it will be before I actually start loosing weight?

Thanks :)
I too have a desk lunch and have found that it's easily solved. I prepare my lunch and take it with me. I'm a great lover of cottage cheese with prawns with loads of paprika, and of course a mullerlight to follow. I usually manage to have my lunch consisting of only free foods. My best advice for you is to read your books from front to back. If you know the plan like the back of your hand then your off to a flying start. Good luck

K x


yo-yo dieter no more!
If you are not following the plan properly by having your HEX then it really isn't a healthy diet! You need to have HEXA for dairy and HEXB for fibre!
It may also affect your weight loss, as eating less is not always a good thing! If you don't eat enough, your body will hang on to everything in order to sustain you!
You also need to be able to work out syn values and have some syns. without Syns and HEX's there is no way you are eating enough, and this will more than likely stop you losing weight.
Get the books off your Mum and have a good read through them, once you start doing the plan properly you should see the weight start to come off:)
Yeah that is a healthy extra a choice. I have noticed that people seem to think that not having your healthy extras every day may slow down your weight loss....I have to disagree.

I always have a healthy a choice, BUT I can go days without a B choice. It's only because the reason I am fat is due to things like B choices (pasta, bread, potatoes, etc), they are my weakness and so I tend to limit them and only do red as well. I still have them for health reasons but it has certainly not affected my weight loss in any way.
Hiya Indieflower.

Thanks for that. So the skimmed milk I have in my tea each day can be classed as HEXA choice? Good to hear!
I never seem too bothered about HEXB choices so is it OK to just go without them?

I wouldn't say it's ok to go without them completely. It's down to personal preference I have found. I think it's important to have them for health reasons, however I have found that not having them for a couple of days has done me no harm whatsoever. The best thing to do is give the plan a go and you'll soon find what your most comfortable with. I was clueless when I started but it will soon become second nature.

You can have 350 ml of skimmed milk everyday as your HEX A choice. I'm sure it's 350 but if I'm wrong then I'm sure someone will correct me. Best of luck and READ the books.

K x
I think it is better to have your hex's as it adds variety and fibre/calcium.
Cereal is a HexB, so is bread. Your weetabix aren't free but 2 is one of your HexB

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