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Firstly I apologise in advance as this is likely to be a long post, so thank you in advance if you stick with it.

Secondly I have a confession….I am a serial lurker when it comes to this website. I have posted in the past, and even tried to set up a diary, but I just find myself lacking completely in self-confidence and cant possibly believe that people would want to read what I am writing.
But things need to change….I married my gorgeous hubby in October of last year and it was the best day of my life, we have been together for nearly 7 years (since I was just 17!) but being married to him makes me so much happier….and fatter!
In the run up to the wedding I successfully lost 2 stone with Slimming World, but following the honeymoon (a cruise) I just found myself eating anything and everything, and have been doing so right up until this weekend. I weighed myself and was utterly ashamed to find that I had gained nearly/if not a stone.

Hubby and I are actively TTC, unfortunately I suffered a MC a few months before the wedding last year, and we have not been successful since then. (I did actually post about the MC on here, so thank you to those that responded)
I am concious that my weight must be playing a massive part in TTC, and I can only hope that when (not if!) I loose weight again it will help.

SO…currently (I weighed myself this morning) I am a shocking 15st!!! I am about 5"7/8 and am around a size 16/18. Ideally I would love to be a healthy size 12.

I am not going to class at the moment, mainly as I cant really afford it, but this may change depending on how well I do on my own. Weigh in days will be every Tuesday morning, and I am going to start a new diary, and really stick to it this time.

I can do this!

Thank you SO much to anyone that has read this, and I am sorry if its in the wrong place….but I will put it in my diary as well.
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first congratulations on your marriage! I've only just rejoined slimming world myself its my second wi tonight i was a bit disappointed with my loss last week (2.5lb) but im confident im going to lose tonight.
if you need a slimming buddy to help along the journey, i'd be happy to buddy up with you share the losses cry at the small gains as im sure i will have a few still and general have a good old moan!


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Please don't be shy about posting on this site! Everyone is so lovely and people want to hear what you have to say! So keep this great confidence boost going! Good luck with your journey :D
hi ya,,, just wanted to say congrats on getting married... i'm new to this site and everyone on here is so lovely its unreal! dont be afraid to post stuff even if its long as u never know who u might be motivating in some little way... in this case its me.... i'd like to be a cosy size 12 aswell.... we can do this... lets just try xoxoxo


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Hey Sam,

We have a few things in common, including unfortunately having a baby angel.

I'm 5ft8" and my starting weight was 15st 10lb, I'm now 13st 8lb so you will get there!!


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Good luck on your journey! You sound really motivated this time! I'm new on here and have found everyone to be super friendly and keen to support me so please don't be shy!


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Good luck Sam - I too was a lurker but can honestly say that everyone here is really lovely and helpful ... we all get a bit down in the mouth and the guys and gals here are a real tonic! Whatever support you need you will find here! Good luck and stop being so hard on yourself!!!


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Wow, thank you all so much for your replies, and for your support as well, its so lovely to know everyone is here to help no matter what im going on about!

Its also really helpful to see people with similar amounts to loose as me, and all the offers of slimming buddies is so kind! I honestly cant explain to you how much I appreciate it, especially with not going to class at the moment either.

Thank you to EVERYONE (im not sure about how to quote individually yet sorry!)


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Hiya I'm also pretty new! Congrats on the wedding and welcome, this site is soo helpful! I am also doing slimming world at home, and have been at it for about two weeks. I moved in with fiancee 8 months ago and was totally shocked by the reading of the scales in january - it had gone up to 13stone 4 (and I'm a shorty)! So, we can do this! Best wishes xxx


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hi Sam

first.. Congrats on getting married
second ... sorry for your loss :(
third.. ur not far from me :) i weigh in on a tuesday but through group :)
Well done at comming back :) u have set your mind to do this you will :)
People here are GREAT . thet put up with my midless twaddle lol so do not be scared to join in :)

GOOD luck :)

PS: love the piglet :) for OBVOIUSE resons
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Hey Sam!! Congrats on the wedding!!! We are pretty similar....height and weight wise so i'd be happy to buddy up with you and the other ladies too! This site has been very helpful so far! I'm loving it!! Good luck!! (i'm in my first week!!) xx