New job and body magic!


I started my new job today and at first i thought "Gah, working in an office, i'm going to have to really up my body magic as i won't have the running around like i did in my old job when i worked in a restaurant..."


My new job includes me going along the hall, down the stairs, along again, round the houses down to the basement to collect legal documents, bending, reaching and searching for them, and coming back to my office quite a number of times in a day. This is body magic personified haha.
And on top of my exercise DVD i'm trying to do 3 times a week, i'll be buying a pair of trousers the next size down in no time!!

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i love minimins me :)
hahaha thats good hun!

i worked in a call centre and i gained 3 stone :( so am hopin my next job will give me some extra exercise like u :)



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I work in a call centre although not on the phones so I've actually been either losing or maintaining during all of my 5 years here. It is the curse of the call centre though, you watch people balloon while they work here. Sitting down all day with vending machines for food options on late shifts and the extra drinking and going out with the social life isn't figure friendly.
I really need to get my exercising going, decided it's at least 30 minutes tonight and no excuses.

Are you enjoying the new job so far?


Yeah it's cool, trying to get my head around everything as i'm working with legal documents (big words haha) xxx

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you wanna job like mine...............i work nights for m&s restocking the shelves......we walk between 5 and 6 miles a night........the weight has been fallin off me since i started a few weeks back....only downside is that it gets really cold after 4am.........and ya feet ache after a 10 hour shift..........but at least its good body


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Glad you like your new job and that is great that you are getting loads of body magic.


Hopefully it'll be ok cause i don't have much time to do my dvd this week! xx