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New job!

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Hey girls and boys..

OOOOO todays been a good day.

A while back i posted about following your heart, or logical thinking.

Basically (for those of you who don't already know my life story lol)
I'v spent the last year and a half training, and qualifying to be a hairdresser. At first i lived and breathed it, every second and i loved it. It was my passion. Then i had a real taste of the industry. I worked my ass off and it soon became apparent i would never achieve the dreams i wanted.

I was really torn, i was so unhappy and the thought of going to work in the morning would make me so upset, i'd be hysterical before i'd even got in the shower. Hairdressing was all i knew and id put my all into it, time and money.

So i jumped. Some say young and reckless, but i say young and not ready to settle for secound best :)

So i quit, i left my salon job.. and then i quit college. I was sad, because i felt weak.. i couldnt handle the crap pay, slow progression and the way they treated me. I worked my ass off.. and i ended up leaving college on a bad note, which upset me as my tutors had been so good to me the year before, but don't appriciate that the industry isnt for everyone.

So, anyways, Basically my OH earns well enough for me to find a job that is just as crap pay, but is enjoyable.. so i started looking into childcare, and am currently waiting to hear back from a few places, and i have a xmas temp job at the early learning centre to keep me going.

Anywho, out of the blue i applied for a job with sales and marketing company wednesday, thursday i had a job interview.. and i had my secound today. It was hard, but my god the moneys fantastic, the progression is quick and the people are really nice. i worked from 12pm to 9pm, and then had the interview ..

so i walked into the room after my trial day to begin my secound interview.. and he says 'we'v got a wee problem'

:(oh dear i think...

' we were blissfully unaware that you are only 17..'

ah yes i think. no one ever looks at my CV properly lol.

so that's it i think, clearly i cant have it.

So then he turns round and says

' we want you, i think your good and youv got massive potential, when you turn 18 in January i want you in here. If anything else gets offered to you in the meantime, phone me and i'l offer you somthing ten times better.. i want you to work for me.'

:eek: Turns out everyone was super impressed.. and the moneys amazing. One girl is 19, and has been working thier 6 weeks and has earned 4grand!!! lol. Its crazy, but im super excited for this change in career, plus the nature of it sets me right up for a future career in estate agency, which is what iv always wanted. The training programm is amazing.

so i'v 4 months till i turn 18, but hes sent me all the info, and wants me to come to some team outings and events, aswell as sales award evenings to get a taster or the potential progression in the meantime.

Its so nice to finally have someone want me, and believe in me.

so i wanted to share my news. Im so excited. and i have 4 months to bum around and temp part time hehe.

:D and i walked 3 miles today.. gunna shift that 2.5lb gain this week if it kills me!! haha

Hope this excited ramble made sence!!!
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That's fantastic Fern. It must have been a real boost and gives you something to look forward to in the New Year xx


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Oh my God Fern that's so brilliant, you should be so so proud of yourself. It's such a brave thing to do to jump ship and change careers and I really really admire you. You are going to be brilliant in that job!! Tell us more about it! And very very very VERY well done hun xxx

Scarlet Daisy

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Yay! Well done Fern, you deserve to be happy! It takes a lot to admit that you have been following the wrong path, so I'm glad your courage paid off.


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It takes courage to admit you're not happy and change direction! Well done! Just a word of caution, sales are very cut throat, and if it sounds too good to be true, then it generally is.


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WOW! Fantastic post Fern, very inspirational to read! I hope it all works out well for you!

Love Mini xxx


Out to lunch
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Well done - some things happen for a reason and this sounds like it was meant to be, and not hairdressing.


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It takes courage to admit you're not happy and change direction! Well done! Just a word of caution, sales are very cut throat, and if it sounds too good to be true, then it generally is.
That's what I was thinking too! Too often I've heard stories of new people getting good contacts for the first few weeks/months so they make loads of money, and then it all goes a bit dry, and no more job!

However, if this is a stepping stone to another career (estate agency I think you said), then it might not be the end of the world if you don't stay there for long!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey guys and gals, dont worry i have my wits about me.

quite frankley this company are doing very well, and have turned over 1 mill for thier customers so far. . the progression is quick if you work hard and have it in you. Its pretty hard going stuff. Gotta be ready for it.

basically i will be working for an advertising company that take care of clients looking to outsource thier customers. I'l be representing N-Power. (yep, im your annoying sales woman at your door) .. Rain or shine, hailstones, snow or heatwave i'l be given an area in which i then spend from 12-8:30pm knocking door to door trying to convince people to switch, and generally giving people discounts. ts pretty tough stuff, the target is 2 sales a day.. but thats easy enough, and on the days you dont get them, they dont just sac you.. they get you in and improve your tactics. The training is pretty hardcore so your prepared for anything.. but the whole interview system was hard enough, so that they only end up with those who really have it in them. The more clients you sign up, the more money you get.. simples. The insentive is if you get no sales, you get no moneys! Obviously its hard work, alot of people say no and its long hours.. BUT the moneys amazing once youv mastered it, Averaging a 5 day week, 2 clients a day its £400 a week.. then anything on top is above target so all good stuff and extra moneys.
And i walk about 3 miles a day on average. :D so, gunna help the weight loss.
They only promote within, and you train the person below, so that they can replace you and you can move up.
The girl who has been there 6 weeks and earnt 4grand, earnt £700 last week and was the no.1 female sales rep in the country that week. Amazing stuff, but her ability and ambition is second to none, and shes only 19.

At the end of the day, if it all goes tits up, the expierance will get me 10 times futher than if i'd never took the leap. The companys oober enthusiastic and really promote a family unity type feel, and insist on a 'crew night' in which once a week everyone gets pizzas and beer ordered into the office. The meeting are all about giving recognition to those who'v done well, and motivating those who havn't. Its all cut throat yeah, but only because everything is down to you, you sign your own cheques as it were.

So yeah, but i feel this is right for me..and god it's good to know that someone wants me to work for them so bad, thier willing to wait 4 months for me. I worked my ass of in hairdressing, and it took them untill 1pm to realise i hadnt turned up for work the day i quit..:eek:

LOL xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Awhh brill hun I am really made up for you and btw I would never of guessed you were 17! Your very mature for your age :)

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