New Job


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

Just got back from a job interview and they offered me the job there and then!!

I was made redundant from my job whilst on maternity leave so this one is a small part time job but the money is good so here is to a happy and slim Crimbo!!

The weird thing is, if something good happens I usually go out and celebrate with a meal. As soon as I accepted the job - I felt like I was starving! How strange is that. I do, however, have to ignore my inner chatterbox which is telling me a kebab without the pitta will do no harm as it will keep me in ketosis, but I shall resist it!
Wooooo!!! go you!!! If you are feeling swish...why not get something nice for new outfit or jewelry that you can wear to work on your first day or something....or something to make you feel fabby for your new job..nails getting done, facial etc etc!!

yey for new job!!:D:D:D
Thanks everyone.

I am thinking about getting my hair done! And that water tastes as great as every :p
Yay you!!! It's great getting thin and a new job too isn't it? I'm going to buy new clothes for my new job on Friday. Don't think they'll recognise me as went for the interview 3 months ago and almost 3 stone heavier.
Well done you,

I start a new job too on 20th November so know the feeling.

Jubbly I've lost 3 stone since my interview too.