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NEW - joined the online version - SOO confused!

Hello everyone,

Sorry if i am posting in the wrong area/place..

I am just after some advice, just signed up for 3months online.. However there doesnt seem to be much explanation of how the diet work etcs..

After browsing around the forum i think i understand better - but it all seems so confusing! Do we get to pick if we want to do a red or green day? or do we have to do so many of each or??! lol

And i am also confused as to whats the "extra easy plan".. is this new? or different from the orginal red/green plan?

Ahh i seem so dim, i am sure its straight forward!

Any guidence would be very helpful!

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I do agree the website is not the most clear and is in bad need of a complete revamp.

Extra Easy is the main plan they are pushing forward now. If you log into body optimise. Then go to getting started - our healthy eating plan on the left hand menu. It will take you to all the info for extra easy, if you click on continue at the bottom of the page. Also has the food lists etc on that page for you to download and print off.

There is also a information thingy on here I think.

Good luck!!!
Ahh that makes more sense then. I havent had a really good look yet as am at work! But i've heard so many people on about red and green days in the past, then i join and couldnt find a thing relating to red and green days.. i was very miffed! :) .. I guess i best have a good gander tonight at the info, and then report back! I've been on and off ww for the past 5 yr.. losing 2/3 stone and then gaining it back again! A bit sick of the routine now thought.. so time for a change! But i dont deal with new, or change well haha.

Hi Emma, Don't worry it takes a little while to get your head round. You just pick whether you want to do a red or green day and it's just personal preference how many of each you do. I tend to stick to green but with lots of carbs I can feel bloated, in which case I would have a couple of red days. You just have to experiment really and see what suits you. You may find you lose more with red than green for example.

With Extra Easy it means that you only have one healthy extra A and one healthy extra B a day (instead of two of each on green or red). You can then mix your free foods and have foods that are free on a green or original day together (I love to have chilli with rice). For superfast results the book says to fill one third of your plate with superfree foods (foods which are free on both a green or red day - eggs, fruit, yogs etc.) but this is not compulsory.

Hope this helps.


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