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  1. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    Start weight : 13 stone 9lbs

    I don't like the way I am at the moment. I've been struggling with my weight since my first child and he's now nearly 14! But now am the heaviest I have ever been. I need to do something about it so have decided to record my food and thoughts diary , even if no-one reads it, to try and keep me on track.
    If anyone else is just starting Sw, I'd appreciate a buddy along the journey for mutual support (there is no group near me). My ultimate goal is to lose 3 stone but I'm just thinking about the first half stone now.
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  3. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    OK food diary today
    bacon (visible fat removed), scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and baked beans
    Lunch: 3 bananas (small) - bit weird I know but not really hungry after my large breakfast
    Tea: pizza chicken (from the magazine) - 6 syns , salad, wedges and 1/2 corn on the cob
    snacks: 1/2 pack of chicken tikka pieces (1syn) and 2 pieces of ham.

    total syns 7 - might have another snack later

    I was able to cook today as I had a day off. The pizza chicken was much nicer than I thought it was going to be. its free if you havent used your hex a , but i had s/skd milk in coffee today. No hex b yet - might have a couple of alpen bars later.
  4. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    I finished off tuesday 11th march with a coconut muller light yoghurt (1 sun), 2 alpen light bars (hexb) and a rich highland shortie biscuit. (2 1/2 syns). Hubby brought the packet in while we were watching TV . Very tempting. Felt quite proud of myself that I only had one - just as well with those syns.
    Total syns for the day: 10.5

    Wednesday 12th March
    Breakfast: banana
    Lunch: Jacket potato (cold as there is no microwave at work) with left over tomato/pepper concoction from the pizza chicken last night, a dollop of 0% greek yoghurt and salad. Ate my lunch at about 12 as I was hungry, then I was hungry again when I got home from work
    Snack (5pm) wholemeal roll (hexb) with 2 quorn sausages (2 syns) and ketchup (1syn)
    Dinner: sweet and sour pork and noodles (SW magazine) (1/2 sun) - didn't like this very much, one child refused to eat it and hubby not keen - won't be cooking this again. Mullerlight vanilla yoghurt with dark chocolate
    Hexa - milk in coffee/tea throughout the day

    A good day - had a sneaky weigh at the end of the day (yes, I know I shouldn't) and already 3 lbs down Woohoo. went to bed a happy bunny
  5. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Sounds like you're doing really well so far!

    I get hungry early and when I get home from work so I always take 2 bits of fruit into work with me, one I eat at around 10am and the other around 3pm. This usually helps to keep me going until dinner then.

    Tut tut for sneaky weighing! I can't talk though I do it all the time!
  6. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    Thanks wegle but not such a great day yesterday. Oh dear . it all went horribly wrong...

    Thursday March 13th
    Didnt have any breakfast - first mistake
    wasnt organised enough to take anything into work for lunch - second mistake
    so I went (hungry) to our only supermarket , mace, more like a corner shop than a supermarket. thought I would pick up a mug shot or something similar. They had no mugshots so I bought Ko Lee instant noodles chicken flavour. i was delighted when I saw the quantity of noodles one pack made and gobbled them down. Not so delighted when I found out they were about 2.5 syns per 100g of made up noodles - not sure how much mine weighed as I had eaten them!! Im guessing about 8 syns.
    Then I unexpectantly had more children after school than I was expecting. They wanted biscuits so i got out a packet I have for my choir, the kids had a few and I finished them off! I wasnt even counting! (guessing 20 syns)
    Then took assembled children to the theatre where they were doing a dance and had 2 glasses of wine (8 syns)
    then went to carluccios for supper and had a steak, green beans and rosemary roasted potatoes with a red pepper sauce. The steak was inedible (the staff took the price off the bill) so i ate all the potatoes which I probably normally wouldnt have done. Then I came home and ate more biscuits, becasue by this time I had so blown the day.....
    Stopped counting the syns in that lot.... I guess it will be a flexible syn day. I have learnt that a lot of it happened because I wasnt organised and didnt have the right food in.
    However, I am treating the day not as a mistake but a learning opportunity (slightly sarcastic) and will move on and up ....
  7. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    Friday 14th March

    Breakfast: mullerlight vanilla yoghurt and strawberries
    Lunch: chicken noodle mugshot
    Snacks: i piece of my son's Pizza (5 syns , Quavers x2 (9syns)
    Dinner: mushroom, bacon and green bean pasta (3 syns for olive oil and red wine) - made by hubby.

    Drinks: water, fizzy water, tea. coffee (milk hex A), 1 glass wine (5 syns)

    oh dear Still ovr my syn allowance. Those two packs of quavers were eaten almost unconsciously and without much enjoyment as i dint have anything much to snack on when I got home form work when I am always hungry. I will go shopping in the morning and make sure I have more syn free/low syn snacks.
  8. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Hi and well done for starting slimming world I haven't been doing it long so u can ignore me if u want a mugshot for lunch isn't very much it's no wonder ur hungry I sometimes have a mugshot as a snack!
  9. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    Thanks Shaon

    A much better day yesterday

    Saturday 15th March
    breakfast: grilled bacon, scrambled eggs and baked beans
    lunch: wholemeal roll, chicken 1 tbs salad cream, slad (2 syns)
    snack: giant jaffa cake (12 syns) - I made a practice birthday cake for my son and omg it was delish - had to have another piece
    dinner: steak, SW chips, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes (2 syns for oil/ butter - Hubby cooked the mushrooms in it), coconut muller light (1 syns)
  10. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    That does seem Like more good for ur meals hun
  11. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    sunday 16th march
    breakfast: bacon in wholemeal roll (hex b), mullerlight yoghurt, strawberries, banana
    lunch: french bread (3.5 syns), 25g light cheddar, (1/2 hex a), salad, quavers (4.5 syns)
    snack: synless indiviual quiches with red pepper and spring onions- not sure about these a bit cardboard but may have overcooked them
    dinner: roast beef, carrots, cauliflower cheese (remaining hex a), roast potato, yorkshire pudding (5syns)
    pudding: another piece of that homemade jaffa cake - I wish someone would just finish it off as I can hear it calling me from the cupboard - maybe I should just put it in the bin!!! (5 syns)

    Weigh in tomorrow morning. Not expecting a bug loss as I have been very off target this week. I promise I will plan my meals tomorrow and go shopping after work so i have all the right stuff in.
  12. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Good luck with ur weigh in hun
  13. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!

    I hate having treats in the house and just wish someone would eat them all up! I have been known to chuck stuff away just because it was soooo tempting but I always feel guilty so I usually pawn stuff off on the Mother & Father in Law now or take it into work for the lads to eat!
  14. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    loss of 3lbs!! Not massive I know for a first week, but I struggled this week to stay on plan so I am really pleased. I am determined now to get back to proper SW

    Monday 17th March
    lunch: salad, SW quiche, banana
    snack: ham, SW sweet potato wedges, more SW quiche (they were sitting there in the fridge). 1/2 chicken nugget (1syns), 2 allen light bars (hexb), small chocolate brownie
    dinner: prawn stir fry with noodles, soya sauce, garlic and ginger and sweet chill sauce (2 Syns). mullerlight yoghurt

    Really good day. i feel really righteous. I think I might change my weigh in day to friday morning, then if I stray slightly over the weekend, I have the rest of the week to right it, before the next weigh in.
  15. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    ooh, forgot to out in the syns for the brownie. I have allowed 5 as it was a really small bit, but it doesn't really matter as I only had 3 syns. oh yes and hex a as always was milk in coffees/teas throughout the day
  16. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    Tuesday 18th March


    went to a friends for coffee and resisted biscuits (feeling proud of myself)
    lunch: jacket potato, prawns, marie rose sauce (1.5 syns), salad
    dinner: pulled pork with barbeque sauce (syn free yippee), sweet potato wedges and salad.
    snacks: 2 alpen bars (hex B). 4 single finger time out bars (24 syns ) - oh dear - shouldn't have had one because I'm a girl who just doesn't know when to stop. Need to do some work about what is important to me. it's just that when I'm in the moment of eating , especially bread, biscuits, chocolate, their pulling power just seems stronger than my self will. Also muller light vanilla yoghurt. I also felt like I had over eaten and was quite uncomfortable.
  17. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    Wednesday 19th march

    snack: mug shot
    lunch: salad, tuna, low fat philly (2syns) 2 pieces small wholemeal bread.
    snack: banana, mullerlight, alpen light bars x3 - 9 syns
    dinner: pasta and free tomato and pepper sauce
    snack: crunchy nut cornflakes and milk - 5 syns and hexa
  18. loopylou67

    loopylou67 Member

    thursday 20th march

    breakfast: 35g crunchy nut cornfalkes (5.5 syns) and milk (hexa)
    ssnack: banana, satsuma
    lunch: chicken mug shot
    snack: banana
    dinner: cod, lentils, chorizo, chips, (10 syns)
    drinks, coffee, diet coke, 1 glass wine ( 4 syns)

    oops over my syns again. i thought I was ok so had the glass of wine, must keep a tallly as Im going.

    Im going to weigh in tomorrow even though its only been 4 days since last weigh in as I have decided a friday morning is more forgiving than a monday morning one.
  19. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    I weigh in.Friday's and do think more forgiving than a Mon morning would be x

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