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New member and why I'm here

I thought I would introduce myself and say a little about why I was looking around for weight loss forums. I’m a 40 year old guy and I’ve been around 14 stone now for more years than I can remember. This wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t just 5ft 7, which makes me according to my BMI about 3 stone overweight.

Nothing I can do can ever seem to shift it, I go up and down a few pounds but always stay around the 14 mark. Because I am not an overly big guy, in terms of broad shoulders or muscular I mean, the weight is carried around as beer belly, double chin and man boobs. I know, sexy eh girls lol

The worst thing is I consider myself to have a pretty good diet. For a few weeks now I have been counting calories every day and even without changing my diet I am never more than 2100 calories a day. Here is a typical days diet for me.

* 1 x Toast first thing

* Muesli with nuts (unsalted) and semi skimmed milk

* 3 fruit a day, usually 2 Clementine and 1 banana

* Lunch of sandwiches, home made, bread butter and meat

* Snack on nuts (occasionally small bar of chocolate)

* Evening dinner (usually home made, always 500 calories or less)

* One or two glasses of wine most evenings.

I guess I drink around 4 to 5 cups of tea a day, no sugar and semi skimmed milk. I drink lots of water during the day.

Now that to me seems like a fairly balanced diet, apart from the wine maybe and the occasional chocolate bar. I really am at a loss how to shed some weight, I would love to lose about 2 stone. I am recently separated and at nearly 40, I realise I need to look and feel my best to be confident as well as look after my health.

Well that’s pretty much me anyway, hope everyone is having a good day
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Hi Mr D

Firstly welcome.

Seccondly you can do this. You sound very motivated.

I started Slimmingworld 2 years ago at more or less your starting weight (and age!) and have nearly reached my target weight.

I can not advise re calorie counting cause you don't do that on slimming world and I don't have a clue about it. I am sure though someone else will be along in a mo with some useful advice.

Just really wanted to say good luck!


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Hi Mr Dilbert. Your current calories are fine for maintaining your weight but given your age/weight you will not really lose anything unless you are very active. Sadly as we get older we need less calories per day! To lose weight at a steady level you should try 1500 cals per day. This should give you a loss of about 2lbs per week. Hints for shedding that 600 cals:

cut out butter and find a low cal alternative (e.g. I use low cal mayo on sandwiches)

Muesli can be very very high in cals (as are nuts) so you need to weigh the amount carefully until you get used to how much you are allowed.

To have a glass of wine in the evening you need to have saved enough cals (I often find I don't have enough left or prefer to use it on chocolate) At 80 - 120 cals each for a small pub measure it will add more than you think.

You can use a weekly allowance of calories rather than a daily one if you like. This can mean you save a few extra calories for a special occasion or a night out as long as you don't overdo it.

I love the variety of counting calories rather than have a fixed regime. Good luck - you can do this.


Mumma K

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Hello and welcome to the forum
wish you every success on your weightloss journey
Thanks for the very warm welcome everyone.

I swapped the Muesli for cornflakes today, I didn't realise just how high muesli was until I read the label and measure it out. Dropping my daily allowance by a few hundred calories too, see how that works out.

I see there is a diary section here, I'm not great at diaries but I might give this one a shot.


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Good luck Mr D - hope the tips help. (Btw that's why muesli tastes so good :) )

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